Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Because you are never too old for a pink princess bouncy castle. Never.

Wha—?  Another update on this year’s Project 365?  Yes, please!….

Day 201 (2012-07-19) ~  It was my niece's 5th birthday while Wednesday and I were staying in Seattle on July 19th.  It also happened to be the day that our frustrating year-and-a-half-long court mess was finally settled.  (More on that in a future post.)  So, obviously, cake was in order!

Day 202 (2012-07-20) ~   Wednesday and I took my nephew and my mom to see Dark Shadows.  It was the third time seeing it in the theater for her and me, and I swear it gets better each time I see it! 

Day 203 (2012-07-21) ~   Scope flew into Seattle the morning of July 21st to spend ten days with Wednesday and me at my mom’s house during our court-ordered five week stay there.  One of our friends was having a graduation party that afternoon, which Scope and I went to (while Wednesday stayed with my mom so she could make marzipan sculptures with her cousins).  This was the lavish dessert table at our friend’s party.  It was so gorgeous, I swear my jaw hit the floor when I saw it!  Mm-mm-mmmmm.

Day 204 (2012-07-22) ~  Okay, so technically I didn't take this picture.  My hubby, Scope, did.  But I am the one who set up the camera and asked him to shoot it for me because the self-timer just wasn’t at all practical in a pink princess bouncy castle, so it still counts, right?  I hope so!   This was my niece, my daughter and me at my niece’s birthday party, and it was waaaayyyyyyy better than any of the shots I got that day. 

~  Just to be fair and not look like a scummy cheater, here is my favorite picture that I took in the bouncy castle.

Day 205 (2012-07-23) ~   Wednesday and her cousins were let loose on the driveway with a tub of sidewalk chalk and they produced this drawing of Jack and the Beanstalk which I thought was very clever!

Day 206 (2012-07-24) ~   Yep.  It was my birthday.  And it was a big one too, but I swear it wasn’t scary or freakout-ish in any way whatsoever.  Frankly, I was much more concerned with which flavor cake I would be having—‘cuz we had, like, THREE different cakes to choose from.  Ohhhhhhh, the pressure!

Day 207 (2012-07-25) ~   Yeah.  It’s the “Renton Ass” sculpture.

Day 208 (2012-07-26) ~   So, while out on my daily walks, I noticed that Seattle was about to be covered in big, fat, delicious (and FREE!!) blackberries.  There were blackberry blossoms everywhere.  I kept crossing my fingers and hoping the berries would ripen before Wednesday and I had to hop a plane back to Chicago.

Day 209 (2012-07-27) ~  Scope and I took a walk together through Issaquah and stumbled upon this beautiful large blue door. The door was a gift of friendship from Morocco to the people of Issaquah. (Sorry. This picture was really taken on July 28th, not the 27th. I ended up hating the pic I took on the 27th and loved way too many of the ones I took on the 28th, so I decided to use this one instead.)

Day 210 (2012-07-28) ~  Just one of many shots I took at the Renton River Days parade. I love, love, love these girls and their twirly dresses.

Day 211 (2012-07-29) ~  A shot of the Renton River Days Rubber Ducky Derby.  Every July, the city of Renton raises money for charity by dropping 5000 rubber ducks into the Cedar River. For $5 you can sponsor a duck and watch them race downstream. The first five ducks to the finish line win prizes. I've been sponsoring a duck in the derby every year for twenty years or so but have never won anything, but who cares? It's cute regardless of who wins!

Day 212 (2012-07-30) ~  While in Seattle, I met up with my friend, Callista, several times and we hit the local thrift stores looking for treasures.  Seattle and Renton have the BEST thrift stores!  That’s something I really miss in Chicago.  I saw this gorgeous player piano in a Renton thrift store and I was so excited.... until I remembered I was 2000 miles away from home and wouldn't have room for a piano anyway.  Oh yeah.  Oh well.

Day 213 (2012-07-31) ~  Wednesday and I went to a Harry and the Potters / Potter Puppet Pals concert on July 31st, which happened to be Harry Potter’s birthday, by the way. Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness, we had so much fun!  At one point, the crowd even interrupted the show to sing Happy Birthday to Harry Potter Year 4 and Harry Potter Year 7 on the stage, and the fellas actually appeared quite touched by that.

Okidoki.  That’s it for today, but I’ll update more as soon as I can.

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Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a pink princess bouncy castle.

Oh man do I want that piano!!

Scope said...

And how did you explain this to your neurologist? Okay, I know, I was sitting right there when you told him.

That was a fun bouncy house.