Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So, Let’s Just Go Ahead And Call It Harry Potter Week, ‘Kay?

The final, last ever Harry Potter movie is coming out this Friday. That’s it. Done. Over. Finite Incantatem. There will be n-n-no m-m-more Harry Potter movies t-t-to look f-f-forward to.


None. Zero. Zilch. Well…. unless JK Rowling writes book eight, of course!

*hoping…. hoping…. HOPING!!!!*

(Yes, yes. I’m a dork. Just roll with it, okay?)

Anyway…. maybe because it’s Harry Potter Week (or, I dunno, maybe it’s just a coincidence or something) (whatever), but a few days ago Harry and the Potters came to town and put on a free concert just a couple of blocks away from our house.


As a rabid, drooling Harry Potter fan, I had definitely heard of Harry and the Potters, but I had not actually ever seen them in concert before nor heard any of their Harry Potter-y songs, like, ever. But so what? It’s Harry Potter Week, I’m uberoverexcited, and the price was right, so I dragged my hubba hubba hubby, Scope, and my daughter, Wednesday, off to Lincoln Square for the free concert.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. Maybe a couple of nerdy wizard-y songs. Perhaps a few squealing Harry Potter fans in Gryffindor scarves and round glasses. I wasn’t really sure what we were in for, but I know I really, REALLY wanted to find out, and I’m exceptionally glad I did.

Harry and the Potters were sooOOooOOooOOoo much fun! The songs were definitely Harry Potter-y, but they were also catchy, brainy and funny. The crowd was a lot bigger than I was expecting (I read in an article the next day that there were roughly 700 people at the concert) and most of them knew a lot of the songs by heart and were singing along with the band. I had a splendiferous time, and I’m pretty sure Scope and Wednesday did too.

Of course, because I’m Cora, I had my camera in hand and snapped a ridonkulous load of pictures. It all looked a little something like this….

Waiting for the show to start…

Harry Potter fans on the loose….

The band hit the stage….

I bought their CDs. Shut up….

Scope got into the “Hagrid Is Full Of Love” song….

Scope and I attempted to make a heart with our hands, but since my hands are the size of drink coasters and his are the size of dinner plates, it came out looking more like a deformed apple. Oh well….

Wednesday and I got Harry and the Potters t-shirts….

And, hey-hey-hey, looky what I just found: someone else at the concert near us filmed the whole dang thing and put it on Youtube. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!:

Part 1

Part 2



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the three of us have been singing those Harry and the Potters songs ever since. We can't get them out of our heads! And I am already wondering when the band will be back in town…. Next summer, perhaps?

I hope so!!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


When my daughter was five, she was OBSESSED with the Disney Princesses. Especially Ariel. She used to run around in her Little Mermaid costume, wearing tiaras, fancy gloves, and big fake diamond rings, believing with all her heart and soul that she truly was a princess…. and that I was one too.

It was cute as all heck, of course, but it had a dark side to it: There was no prince in our world because I was a single mom and, for some reason, that used to really bother her. Sometimes she would put her little hands on her little hips and sternly ask me why I hadn’t found my prince yet, like I was just a slacker. Other times she would cry her little eyes out over my princelessness like it was the end of the world, bawling, “But you’re a princess, Mommy, and you don’t have your prince! It’s so sad! Where is he?! When are you going to find him?!” And she was utterly inconsolable.

(Aaaaaaand at that point she’d get put on Princess Restriction and only be allowed to watch the Powerpuff Girls or Pokemon until the Sea of Drama Queen-ness had ebbed!)


Fast forward seven years or so and—*royal fanfare*—I finally found my prince right here on this very blog. Scope rode in on a noble steed of wiseassiness, brandishing a sword of pun-iosity, left me a slew of knee-slapping comments and swept me off my feet.

*le swoon*

A lot of you were right there with us sharing our journey from the Land of Flirting to the Isle of Meeting to Dating Town to Marriage City and then off to Chicago. Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I married Prince Scope? I know! One year ago today. Crazy, huh?!

It’s been a spectacular year. A wonderful year. A magical year. It’s looked a little something like this….

Because, traditionally, it’s our "paper anniversary" and we are trying to be careful with money due to the uber-expensive court case we are involved in, this is the gift I gave my Prince Scope today: A glass full of Kisses each holding a personalized paper ribbon on which I listed lots and lots of things I love about him….

And he gave me a ticket to a living room viewing of our wedding video as well as a beautiful love letter (*sniffle*) which you can read HERE. (But, WARNING, it WILL make you cry!)


So, to my dear, sweet, spectacular Scope, Happy Anniversary, hubba hubba hubby! I love you more and more each day. You’re my best friend, a wonderful father and a spectacular husband! Wednesday and I have never been happier than we have been this past year with you. I love you with all my heart and I’m so very, very glad I met you.



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