Monday, December 21, 2009

Elvis Knows, Man. He KNOWS.

Every year about a week before Christmas my daughter and I take a trip into downtown Seattle to check out all the holiday sights and finish our Christmas shopping. It is our tradition. And it never gets old. Sometimes other family members tag along, and other times it’s just the two of us, and it's fine either way - we have fun no matter what!

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. My parents used to take me into the city to visit Santa at Frederick & Nelson and to ride the monorail and the Seattle Center “Bubbleator” which looked like this eleven months out of the year….

….but for Christmas they’d dress it up to look like a snowman. No, I’m not kidding.


I can never find a picture of it dressed like a snowman though, and that’s one thing I really wish I had! Oh well.

The Bubbleator is now gone. As are the uber cool Nutcracker March statues I told you about last year….

But make no mistake, Seattle still welcomes Santa with style! We went on Saturday, and here’s a sampling of what we did:

We brazenly ignored the fact it was raining cats puppies and dogs despite the lying weatherman’s promises that it would be sunny. *growl*….

We introduced my nephew to The Gum Wall….

And, yes, my daughter’s gum creation from last time was still there in all its icky sicky grody glory….

We had our horoscopes read by Elvis….

Yep. Elvis told me, “I see a great deal of happiness in the near future for you. A difficult time is passing.” :-) And Elvis told my nephew he will find treasure in the future. Thus, my nephew has decided he no longer wants to be a policeman when he grows up, now he wants a career in piracy. ARRRRRGH!

We went on the holiday carousel….

And, of course, we capped the whole thing off with yummy hot chocolate….


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


And now for an update on my attempt at Project 365.

Day 118 (November 13, 2009)

My Jack Skellington-obsessed kid wrote me a thank you note which is up on the fridge….

Day 119 (Nov. 14)

We had a late Halloween party….

Day 120 (Nov. 15)

My daughter was doing a word search….

Day 121 (Nov. 16)

In the car with my nephew and my niece….

And apparently I’m kinda funny! *snicker*….

Day 122 (Nov. 17)

Starting to bring up the ornament boxes from the garage….

Day 123 (Nov. 18)

Definitely still Autumn….

Day 124 (Nov. 19)

There are a few stubborn leaves still hanging on our cherry tree….

Day 125 (Nov. 20)

**description and picture have been censored through no control of my own. Sorry.**

Day 126 (Nov. 21)

It was dark. (Oh shut up – they can’t all be winners, okay?)….

Day 127 (Nov. 22)

Bummer. Our local Value Village closed down. This made me quite sad because I’m a fan of thrift stores. Thrift stores, garage sales and eBay are recycling at its most fun!….

Day 128 (Nov. 23)

So, I bought a new coat which I absolutely love and it only cost me $20, which just made me love it even more…. until I looked at the tag inside it. Paris Freaking Hilton. It’s just wrong, okay? Wrong. I love the coat. I hate Paris. How can I love the coat when I hate Paris?! Gah!….

Day 129 (Nov. 24)

I let my two year old niece decorate her own handprint turkeys. She seems to have given them freckles. Or chicken pox….

Day 130 (Nov. 25)

Glass ornaments my daughter and I made at a glass blowing class two years ago….

Day 131 (Nov. 26)

Setting the table at Thanksgiving….

Day 132 (Nov. 27)

Touring wedding venues and hotels with Scope *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*….

Day 133 (Nov. 28)

The Garden d’Lights display in the Bellevue Botanical Garden….

Day 134 (Nov. 29)

Snoqualmie Falls….

[to be continued….]

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Friday, December 4, 2009

It Won’t Be Long. IT HAD BETTER NOT BE!!!!

Sunday Scope and I looked at a couple more wedding venues, starting with the Fairwood Golf and Country Club, which is pretty much within walking distance of the house I grew up in. The Country Club was gorgeous inside and even more so outside – DEFINITELY a place for STUNNING wedding photos! My my my.

After a quick lunch at home, we drove out to Snoqualmie Falls to tour another potential wedding spot, The Salish Lodge. The Salish Lodge has a lavish reputation and I’d never stepped inside it before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect….

Was it lovely? Yes. Was it the loveliest place we’d visited? No. Was the price tag lovely?…. Ummmmm…. how do I put this delicately? NO!!!! – it was probably twice as expensive as everywhere else we went and hefty price tags give me hives, so *annoying buzzer sound here* we scratched that one right off our list!


Then we walked over to the waterfall for some very damp sightseeing….

After having a shower at visiting the Falls, we went back to my house and we started setting up my Christmas tree while watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.


Soon my daughter returned home from her dad’s and she started decorating the tree with me and Scope, and, I have to be honest, it was sooooooooooooo nice doing that, just the three of us! We were one little happy family right then doing our happy family stuff and feeling all happy familyish.

*giddy glow*

And here’s the end result….

For dinner, the three of us hung out with my mom and laughed at people getting hit on the crotch on AFV.


Then, most horribly and tragically, Monday morning kinda seemed to pounce out of the shadows at us. I don’t even know quite how it happened. It felt like Scope had just arrived and then suddenly *POOF* it was time to take him back to the airport.

We lingered in my house as long as we could. We stopped off at WalMart to buy Scope some bronze Space Needle figurines which he’s going to make into ornaments for his Christmas tree back home. We had a quick lunch.







Now we’re back to sending each other emails at work and talking for hours on the phone at night and counting down the days until December 30th when we’ll be together again.

It won’t be long.

It had better not be!!!!

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