Wednesday, January 27, 2010


And now for an update on my attempt at Project 365:

Day 176 (January 10, 2010)

Remember that spiffy new camera Scope gave me for Christmas? (click HERE if you need a refresher course on the matter.) Well, I took my camera to a local beach (Seahurst Park) and spent over an hour snapping pictures and trying all the different settings out. I ended up taking about 250 pictures there that day! WOW. But fear not, I’m only showing you a few of my favorites….

Day 177 (Jan. 11)

We presently have a Valentine’s Day tree (a mini Christmas tree all adorned with red glass hearts) set up at our house….

Day 178 (Jan. 12)

I did a few experiments with my new camera set on “bulb” while I swooped it by the Valentine’s Day tree lights. Interesting. Very interesting….

Day 179 (Jan. 13)


Day 180 (Jan. 14)

A rainy day….

(….to be continued….)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey, anyone remember that photographic quest I was sooooo excitedly venturing on? Y’know, Project 365? The one where I said I would take a picture every single day for an entire year? Anybody remember that?



….Hmm….? ….What? You—you mean you DO remember it?


*guilty fidget*

I was kinda hoping no-one would recall—I mean…. well…. ummm….

*sad sigh*

Okay. Fine. I confess. I messed it up, alright? I DID take a picture every single stinkin’ day (well, except for that one day, but I sooooooo totally made up for it when I took the new camera Scope gave me for Christmas to the beach and shot like 200 pictures in an hour! Wheeeeeeee!!) but I got so far behind on posting them here thanks to the holidays (and whatnot) that now I have like 50 days worth of pictures I need to sort and post and, well, frankly, I just don’t wanna. So sue me.

Hey, that’s A LOT of pictures, okay?!?!

Plus, I accidently erased some of them off my camera before saving them on the computer. But after my initial ohhhhhhh poo moment of dawning comprehension, I realized I’m actually glad I erased them. They sucked anyway.

So, I’m still continuing with Project 365 – I haven’t abandoned it or anything - but I’ve decided that I’m just going to show you my favorite shots. At least until I’m all caught up. Trust me, it’s just better this way.

So, here are some of my favorite photos from Project 365:

Day 137 (December 2, 2009)

While I started up my car, my nephew helped scrape the ice off my windows with his bare hands….

Day 139 (Dec. 4)

It was a foggy morning at my daughter’s school….

Day 140 (Dec. 5)

While waiting at a red light I entertained myself by taking pictures of the distorted reflection in this truck’s bumper *snicker*….

Day 146 (Dec. 11)

I don’t know if this is a humming bird or not (it definitely flew like one), but it seemed woefully out of place in the freezing temps we had here in mid-December. The poor little thing was shivering!….

Day 149 (Dec. 14)

Christmas lights. Duh….

Day 154 (Dec. 19)

Slightly less photogenic sights at Seattle’s Pike Place Market….

Day 156 (Dec. 21)

Really? Ya think?….

Day 158 (Dec. 23)

Cookies for Santa….

[Coming soon: I’ll show you what magic I can conjure up with my new DSLR camera!! :-) Stay tuned….]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little Scope too!

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

I knew January 3rd was stalking me the whole time I was in Chicago. I could hear it every now and then, cackling evilly to itself and taunting, “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little Scope too!”


Yes, I knew it was lying in wait around some dark, shadowy, mean little corner, preparing to pounce on us, all fangs and claws and stuff. But, really, it launched its vicious attack waaaaayyyyyyyy sooner than I was expecting, and before I knew it January 3rd was all up in my face, forcing me to pack my bags, say my goodbyes, and fly 2000 miles away from Scope again.

*sad sigh*

Not that we didn’t have fun first before hitting the airport.


Scope took it out.

Awwww, yeeaaaahhhh.

He took out the monkey.

Ooooooh, baby.

And I squealed with delight and anticipation.


The monkey was raised…



…ready for action…

…longing to play…

…and pointed…




And then we played.


(My apologies to my future neighbors.)

And Scope shot the monkey off.

Multiple times.

*le sigh*

After playing with the monkey (is it hot in here or is it just me?), Scope and I went out to lunch with his parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece. Lunch was a tad more action packed than I’d anticipated, complete with a run-in with the police, of all things – but somehow I feel this is more Scope’s tale to tell than mine, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Then far too soon we found ourselves at the airport. I took one last photo of Scope looking dashing and cute as all heck in the parking garage….

….and then Scope walked me to the security line where I promptly burst into tears.


Six months. I keep reminding myself we only have a mere six more months of this torture left. On July 3rd we’ll each say a couple of magic words which will put an end to all this monthly travelling back and forth forever.

I do.


And with that thought in my head, I walked through the security line knowing my world will be Scope-less for another four weeks, but I think we can make it.

I think we can make it.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot chocolate and a Mai Tai go reeeeaaaaally well together. Yes, really. Shut up.

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

January 2nd, after spending the day buying Nightmare Before Christmas stuff for my kid in Quake, looking at wedding rings, and explaining what on Earth a “blog” is to a curious jeweler (*snicker*), Scope and I ventured off to the Hala Kahiki Lounge for the big, bad Blogaritaville brouhaha, the Drysdale Awards.

It was a whopping 7 degrees in Chicago that day, which I’m 99.9999999999999% sure is the coldest temp I’ve ever endured. But, hey, looky here – I actually managed to survive, people!


Still, it was a wee bit funny to be sitting in a tiki bar surrounded by people in Hawaiian garb after emerging from such North Pole(ish) temps, all bundled up like that kid from A Christmas Story.

At the Drysdales, we had the privilege of meeting the one and only Grant Miller, Splotchy and Joe The Cop. Of course, I have no pictures to prove it. Utter bloggy fail there. Turns out the only pictures I took that night were of Scope, and they all came out shaky like this one:

What?! Don’t give me that look! Blame the damn delicious Mai Tai! Even though I only had like 1/3 of it, which is, admittedly A LOT for me since I don’t drink! (And now we see why, don’t we, boys and girls?)

Eventually, Scope and I had to bid adieu to Grant and the gang because *gasp* the Hala Kahiki Lounge doesn’t serve food. And lack of food turns me into Satan.

As does watching Grant Miller getting carded by the waitress when I was NOT.


(….to be continued….)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Retraction: heated car seats are NOT just for spoiled pansies. My bad.

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

Last Friday Scope took me atop the two-story Target store parking garage in Chicago to snap pictures of the skyline with my brand spankin’ new DSLR camera….

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. And FLIPPING COLD.

Eleven degrees, I believe it was.

And wickedly windy.

Why, Mother Nature? WHY?????????????


Needless to say, my spoiled-rotten-by-50-degree-temperatures-in-January Seattle self was NOT used to such bitchtastic treatment by Mother Nature….

Uh-huh. And THAT is how I’m going to look every Winter once I move to Chicago. Like the very “special” love child of an Eskimo and a Leprechaun. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

But then again, Scope was quite adept at keeping me warm and happy….

….as were the heated seats he has in his car, which I hereby vow to NEVER mock again. EVER.

We went shopping and had a most delicious lunch at P.F. Chang’s. And then I snapped a slew of pictures in the car on the way home….

Most of these shots were taken through the salt-speckled windshield while the car was in motion. At night too. (Duh.) Incredible, huh?! I’m beginning to think there’s NOTHING this camera can’t do!

*le sigh*

Back at home, Scope and I watched a Jeff Dunham Christmas DVD (“SILENCE!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!”) which looked a little something like this….

[….to be continued….]

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