Monday, December 2, 2013

And then I forgot how to blog.

Once upon a time I was a single mama, working eleven hours a day in a tiny room stuffed to bursting with other people’s obscenely sugar-ified children.  (Seriously, if all you feed your kids is a breakfast of marshmallow Peeps before leaving them with their teacher / nanny / babysitter, you are evil.  And you know it.) 

One day, for no reason, I started a blog.  I don’t even know why I did it.  At the time there was a snotty little voice in the back of my head saying, “Really, asshat?  You think you have time for this?!” 

The voice had a point.

Minus the asshat part.

I had the workload of two parents and a laundry basket piled so high it was threatening to dent the ceiling, where did I think I was going to squeeze in the time to blog?  Yet, I did….  until I got married and moved across the country.  Then—pffft!—I dunno, it was like my old vibrant bloggy motivation just woke up one morning and dropped dead.

Kind of like Smash.

Honestly, there are so many other things I would rather be doing.  Reading The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson with my kid.  Talking about everything and/or nothing with my hubby.  Ebaying (I made $70 on a skirt just the other day.  Yeah, $70 on a stupid, ugly skirt!).  Walking my neighborhood with my camera in tow.  Working on my photo albums.  Getting friendly with Ben & Jerry.  All the usual stuff. 


Over on Facebook (where a lot of our former bloggy buddies are these days) my hubby, Scope, challenged us all to do a post today.  Just one itty bitty little post on Cyber Monday, just to say we did.

One post?  I can handle that.  Probably.  So, here’s a quick update (with pictures!  WHEEEEE!) of what’s been going on around here since I last did a real blog post:

We spent Spring Break in St. Louis….

….where we hung out with Gwen from Everything I Like Causes Cancer.

Wednesday started driving lessons.  Here she is after a successful stint at parallel parking.

We grew strawberries in our deck garden this summer.  (Lettuce too!)

We watched fireworks from our rooftop on the 4th of July (and our 3rd wedding anniversary).

In Summer, Wednesday cut about 8 inches off her hair and dyed it dark red.  It looks AMAZING! 

We spent two weeks in Seattle in July, seeing family….

….and Wednesday’s Seattle-y friends….

….and Scope finally got to meet Skyler’s Dad!

In August, our neighborhood was weirdly invaded by a gang of really pervy looking mushrooms.  (I mean, really, hubba hubba.)

Wednesday started her Junior year in high school in late August.

For Halloween, Wednesday was Edward Scissorhands….

….I was Batgirl….

….and Scope was a mad scientist clown, terrorizing Chicago in the dark!

In the Fall, Wednesday turned 17.

For her birthday party, we took her and one of her best friends to the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives museum exhibit where we saw some pretty spiffy stuff.

And we even learned how to draw Mickey Mouse.

And then about a week ago, we sent our bloggy guest pig Fernando Von Bakonstein back home to his owner, McGone. Fernando kissed Wednesday goodbye at the bus stop before school, then he walked to the post office with me, climbed bravely into a box, and off he went.

And now, well, we’re just trying to get a grip on the holidays.  I’ve got a new 7.5’ spinning (yes, SPINNING!!!!) Christmas tree that just ain’t gonna decorate itself.  So, you know….

I’m not sure if I’ll be back blogging regularly anytime soon, but this was fun.  Yes, really. 

I guess I didn’t realize I was kind of missing it until now.  :-)

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