Wednesday, December 16, 2009


And now for an update on my attempt at Project 365.

Day 118 (November 13, 2009)

My Jack Skellington-obsessed kid wrote me a thank you note which is up on the fridge….

Day 119 (Nov. 14)

We had a late Halloween party….

Day 120 (Nov. 15)

My daughter was doing a word search….

Day 121 (Nov. 16)

In the car with my nephew and my niece….

And apparently I’m kinda funny! *snicker*….

Day 122 (Nov. 17)

Starting to bring up the ornament boxes from the garage….

Day 123 (Nov. 18)

Definitely still Autumn….

Day 124 (Nov. 19)

There are a few stubborn leaves still hanging on our cherry tree….

Day 125 (Nov. 20)

**description and picture have been censored through no control of my own. Sorry.**

Day 126 (Nov. 21)

It was dark. (Oh shut up – they can’t all be winners, okay?)….

Day 127 (Nov. 22)

Bummer. Our local Value Village closed down. This made me quite sad because I’m a fan of thrift stores. Thrift stores, garage sales and eBay are recycling at its most fun!….

Day 128 (Nov. 23)

So, I bought a new coat which I absolutely love and it only cost me $20, which just made me love it even more…. until I looked at the tag inside it. Paris Freaking Hilton. It’s just wrong, okay? Wrong. I love the coat. I hate Paris. How can I love the coat when I hate Paris?! Gah!….

Day 129 (Nov. 24)

I let my two year old niece decorate her own handprint turkeys. She seems to have given them freckles. Or chicken pox….

Day 130 (Nov. 25)

Glass ornaments my daughter and I made at a glass blowing class two years ago….

Day 131 (Nov. 26)

Setting the table at Thanksgiving….

Day 132 (Nov. 27)

Touring wedding venues and hotels with Scope *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*….

Day 133 (Nov. 28)

The Garden d’Lights display in the Bellevue Botanical Garden….

Day 134 (Nov. 29)

Snoqualmie Falls….

[to be continued….]

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Scope said...

Does it help to know that Paris' certainly had very little to do with the design of the coat?

Would it help more to imagine her working in an Indonesian sweat shop sewing it?

My word ver is 'smsists', like those blowing off the falls.

Poindexter said...

I'm joining your project late...must be a chronicle of 1 year in photographs? Nice idea and nice pictures too! Love the little smiling faces of your niece & nephew, so adorable.

What kind of camera(s) do you carry around with you? I use a small Samsung point & shoot, but am interested in stretching to a camera with expanded capabilities.

The Peach Tart said...

I love this round of photographs. What an ambitious project.

JenJen said...

I love the falls pictures. Awesome.

That sausage....jaysus!

Dr Zibbs said...

Ewww. I looked at the hot dog, got hungry then saw the caption.

SkylersDad said...

Nice photos, I always like your stuff.

Morgan the Muse said...

Well, those are pretty good... That garden thing still looks awesome, whatever it is.

Aww... if I was at home I would take a screen shot... my captcha is "fated". le sigh.

Dutch donut girl said...

Awww, what a sweet thank you not.

The hotdog made me hungry but not your kind of hungry :)

Great pictures!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Loved the kiddies and the Fall leaves...but is that MAYO on a hot dog???

Ummm...ewww!!! ; )

(sometimes having a perverted mind isn't such a great thing...)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You know, instead of "Value Village", I looked at the outlines on the building and thought it said "Velcro Vikings".

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? I miss VV too. Sigh.

Sassy Britches said...

You should totally blow up the one with all the hot pink ornaments from the garage and frame it. Goregeous.