Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

So, today is my daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately, it’s also The Big Bad Ugly Test Day at school too, so—y’know—she’ll be celebrating her arrival on this planet by fretting and sweating over test papers alllllllllllllllllllll daaaaayyyyyy lonnnnngggggggg.

(Poor kiddo.)

(See, this is why when I was a kid I was always relieved my birthday was smack dab in the middle of Summer where the only thing I had to worry about was whether or not I could shovel my cake in my belly before the ice cream melted.)


However, all is not lost. Tonight Scope and I will be taking her out to dinner at Olive Garden, taking her out for dessert at Cold Stone, and then plying her with a plethora of presents…. even though I kinda think that SHE should be giving ME presents on her birthday since she was over NINE POUNDS at birth and I AM THE ONE WHO DID ALL THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But wait! There’s more! Today is also my friend Callista’s birthday too. Funny how that one worked out, huh?



Now, please excuse me, I need to go walk a million miles on my treadmill so I won’t have to feel too guilty when I’m making a big pig of myself at Cold Stone later on. Bye!

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Anonymous said...

ohhhh I have a Cold Stone gift card in my hands...maybe if I am feeling up to it I will go get some ice cream before I go home to bed. BLAH! Why be sick today?!?! Why have Gwen take tests today?? She should have been excused from them! Sheesh! Stoopid school. Don't they know any better?? I hope she has a great time tonight. I got a date with my pillow and blankie. Thank goodness I am OFF tomorrow!!! And thanks for the bday wishes and again for the moola for Disneyland!

SkylersDad said...

Happy Birthday to Gwen, and have some cold stone for me also!

Heff said...

lotsa berfdays goin round.


Shana said...

Hey there
Happy HAPPY Birthday to Gwen!!!!!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Happy birthday Gwen and Callista!!!

I'm also glad my birthday is smack dab in the middle of Summer. The only thing I had to worry about was what time to get into the pool...and to get to the cake before the brothers did.

I thank my mom every day because this baby girl was 9 lbs., 13 oz. lol!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bday wishes JJ.

J.J. in L.A. said...

You're welcome, dear. : )

Scope said...

Olive Garden and Cold Stone where GOoooooood, too.

BeckEye said...

Happy Birthday to Gwen!

Does she really have a plethora of presents? I would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone she has a plethora, and then find out that that person has no idea what it means to have a plethora.

~E said...

My birthday always either fell on Spring Break OR Finals.

OR like this year, it will fall smack in the middle of Phlebotomy and Blood Banking practicum.

So you know, tell Gwen it could be worse. She could be Nose deep in other people's skanky blood on her birthday.