Monday, August 20, 2012

On the road again…. (part 6)

Okay. So, this is my last Ohio post. (I know. I know. I’m excited too.) And since it only took me a mere month and a freakin’ half (!!!!) to describe an eight day vacation, I am clearly in my bloggy prime here lately.


(High five!…. Anyone?…. Anyone?….. No?…. Oh.)

Well, anyway….

I was in Seattle on an involuntary vacation for the past five weeks and it was exhaustingly busy and eye-opening at moments, to say the least. But, hey, just for sh*ts and giggles, I think we should properly kill off the Ohio tale first, right? Sure, why not? So, umm…. Ready? Set? Go!

DAY 7:

We spent our last full day in Ohio at Cedar Point Amusement Park. We had a view of Cedar Point from our rental home and had been enviously watching it glowing and glittering just a ways across the lake from us night after night the whole week we had been there. So, it was nice to finally venture over to grab our own little piece of the experience before heading back to Chicago.

Here’s what it all looked like….

Cedar Point had been invaded by dinosaurs when we were there and happily advertised that fact everywhere we looked. Here’s Scope, Wednesday, and Scope’s parents with a shifty-looking beast we ran into in the parking lot.

Just inside the gate, we crossed paths with Charlie Brown, Sally, and Linus. Naturally, I went running, squealing, and vaulting over little children to get Wednesday’s picture with them.

Scope’s parents ditched us at approximately that exact moment, perhaps fearing I would force them to stand and smile next to Snoopy or Peppermint Patty if we chanced running into them. And I SOOOOOOOOO would have. So, good call on their part!

After our run-in with Charlie Brown, Scope and I took Wednesday on a few of the more tame rides, like the ferris wheel….

….and a viking boat thingy that went rocking backwards and forwards up into the sky.

And Wednesday liked those rides well enough, of course, but the girl has a whole heaping helping of me in her and, thus, she hungered for something wilder. So, we headed over to the Iron Dragon rollercoaster.

The Iron Dragon boasted a 4 out of 5 rating on the clench-your-butt-cheeks-and-hold-the-f*ck-on scale by which the theme park powers that be grade all rollercoasters. Naturally, that means my Neurologist would probably snap and give me a wedgie if I went on it. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?…. Yeeeaaahhhhh…. *crafty look* So, I joined the line, all giggly and excited and awaited our turn to rocket through the air.





We ended up going on it three times. Uh-huh. Three. And I videotaped one of them. Wanna see?! ‘Kay.

(And just for the record, my back after all that rollercoaster-ing? Totally fine! So, yay!)

What else did we do? Well…. Wednesday tried to wrestle a chocolate chip cookie away from a Snoopy statue.

Scope and I got thrown in the stocks.

And we got our Tom Hanks “Big” on and had our fortune told by a Zoltar machine.

Our fortune? Something about finding good men under shabby hats. Okay, then. Moving on….

Eventually we wandered into the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit.

There we hobnobbed with these dudes, and dozens more….

The dinosaurs in the exhibit were incredible. They were life-size animatronic goodies galore! They moved! They roared! They snarled! They shrieked! They leered at us with their evil dino eyes and sneered with their evil dino grins! And, best of all, they provided shade! Lots and lots of blessed shade, which was soooooooooooooooo welcome on that sweltering, nearly-100 degree day, which I swear was hotter than the devil’s freaking armpit!

*happy shudder*

After that, we went shopping for souvenirs in the Snoopy Boutique….

….where Scope and Wednesday bought matching Charlie Brown shirts. (Awwww.) Then, as thunder clouds started to gather threateningly above, we said “smell ya later!” to Cedar Point and went back to our rental house to pack up for the drive back home the next morning.

DAY 8:

Our last day in Ohio we had to be out of our rental house by 9 am—*gulp!*—so, there was not much to do but play a quick last game of ping pong….

….and say goodbye to the house….

….and say goodbye to the lake.

Wednesday had really enjoyed her time in Ohio and was crushed and sad to leave.

But our time was up and we had to go. So, with Scope and Wednesday in their matching Charlie Brown shirts, we hit the road back home to Chicago.

And then we had to IMMEDIATELY start packing for our five week stay in Seattle. Oy!

© Coracabana


Scope said...

It was a fun trip. I think the Daughter really needed a "get away" after school, and before Seattle hit.

Can't wait for our next amusement park adventures.

Kal said...

Those Charlie Brown shirts are great. I would wear one all the time if I had it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I hope all is well.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I would SO rock that ferris wheel...I love them! But I would die, just DIE, if I had to get on a roller coaster. Call me a wimp, I'll admit it. ; )

Glad you guys had a great time.

Dr Zibbs said...

Gotta tell you that I HATE the peanuts characters. Even as a kid. But great to see them all lifesize and creepy.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I LOVE Snoopy!!! Love that place I would have been in hog heaven!!

And that rental house? Nice digs!!

Shana said...

I LOVE those shirts!!!!!! Sounds like a funfun time!!