Friday, October 26, 2012

The day I met The Blob. (No, no, I really did!)

Serving up another update on this year’s Project 365.  Here we go….

Day 247 (2012-09-03)
~  I took a walk through Sculpture Park with Scope and Wednesday and this was one of the sights we stumbled upon.  What a wild and wacky place!

Day 248 (2012-09-04)
~  This was Wednesday’s first day of school.  Since, I didn't want to have to hand in my Cool Mom card, I didn't take pictures of her outside her high school.  However, the bus stop was totally fair game!

Day 249 (2012-09-05)
~  Just an interesting shadow our bamboo plant made on the wall.

Day 250 (2012-09-06) ~  Kind of the opposite of yesterday's picture, I guess.  This is a shot of interesting splashes of light that were on a window sill in our stairwell.

Day 251 (2012-09-07) ~  Just a string of bells we have hanging on one of our doors.  (Oopsie.  A slight cheat on this one.  This was taken on the 6th, not the 7th.)

Day 252 (2012-09-08) ~  Awww.  My niece's outdoor wedding.  It was GORGEOUS!!

Day 253 (2012-09-09) ~  Yeah.  It's me and Wednesday in a fun house mirror.  Ha!

Day 254 (2012-09-10) ~  Hey, look!  It's The Blob!  I stumbled upon this while out on a walk.  Cute.

Day 255 (2012-09-11) ~  An Autumn-themed bench at a local elementary school.

Day 256 (2012-09-12) ~  Up close and personal in a local garden.  I muted the colors a bit on this one.  Duh.  (A slight cheat on this shot too.  It was taken on the 11th, not the 12th.)

Day 257 (2012-09-13) ~  Just a quickie of a tree I passed under while out on a walk. 

Day 258 (2012-09-14) ~  The circus came to a local park.  We were out of town for the clowns, but it was still kinda cool watching the tent being set up.  (Dang it!  A cheat on this shot too.  It was taken on the 15th, not the 14th.  Sorry, I got my days all scrambled for a little while there.)

Day 259 (2012-09-15) ~  At a friend's (and former blogger’s!) wedding we were all given sparklers at the party's end.  Sooooooooooo much fun!!  :-)  (If you want to read Scope’s detailed version of the wedding with many, many more pictures that we took during the reception, click HERE.)

Day 260 (2012-09-16) ~  Driving back up from southern Illinois, we saw lots of little oil wells working away in the fields alongside the road.  We got up close and person with this one.

More pictures coming soon!

© Coracabana


Scope said...

Did you end on that picture so I could say, "Oils well that ends well"? :-)

Wednesday would roll her eyes at that pun, wouldn't she?

Anonymous said...

Day 256: I liked what you did with that a vinca?

As for The Blob, my guess is that it was someone's pumpkin from last year.

SkylersDad said...

I like the Blob! All of your pictures are always so great.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm surprised you posted the fun house mirror pic. You look like you should be on Little People, Big World. : D