Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I wish every Thanksgiving could be just like this one! (Part 3)

Happy New Year, you guys!  I am a little spazzed out that it is 2013 already and I’m only half way through telling you about our Thanksgiving vacation in Disneyland.  Let’s just go ahead and blame AT&T for holding our internet service hostage over the past week and Santa for that whole Christmas-y time-suckage thing which just really shoved blogging right in front of the not-gonna-freaking-happen bus.

*shaking my fist in a rage*

But anyway….

My third day in Disneyland with Scope and Wednesday was Black Friday.  It started out extremely foggy and gray.  In fact, every surface in Disneyland was dripping with water and the whole place was pretty much deserted when we got there.

Like, so deserted that we actually had the whole Haunted Mansion Holiday ride all to ourselves!  (Yes, really!  We were the only people in there.)

And, hey looky, Pirates of the Caribbean was empty as well.  Sweet!

We met the Mad Hatter.

Then we met up with my mom, my sister, and her three kids (Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3) for brunch at the Mary Poppins-themed Jolly Holiday Café on Main Street.

Wednesday got a chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse cookie.

And she got in some good quality cousin-time with Thing 1 and Thing 2 too.

(Thing 3 wasn’t exactly in the mood for socializing with the other kids…. or, well, with anyone, yet.  But she sure was rocking that skull binky!)

After brunch, we all skipped over to the Silhouette Studio on Main Street.

It’s a Disneyland tradition in my family that we get our silhouettes done every time we vacation there.  The silhouette artists are amazing!  They cut your profile out of black paper in about, ohhhh, fifteen seconds, and they are dead-on too.  Here’s the one of me and my sister in 1976.

Cute, huh?  I took Wednesday into the Silhouette Studio in 2001 and 2008 and we had the same artist cut her silhouette both times.  I definitely remember her…. what I didn’t expect though was that she remembered us as well!  Unbelievable.  When our whole herd walked into the tiny Silhouette Studio that day, the same artist was there and said to me, “oh my gosh, I remember you.  You brought your little girl in here several years ago and another time a few year before that, right?”

*stunned stare*

Wow.  I wonder how many customers that woman sees each year….  probably thousands and thousands!  I can’t believe Wednesday and I are that memorable, honestly.  Dang.  Well, anyway, once again our silhouette artist was fantastic.  This is the silhouette she cut of the three of us.

Check it out, you can even see Scope’s mustache and beard!  Cute, cute, cute! 

As we were wrapping up our visit in the Silhouette Studio, suddenly Mickey Mouse came marching by with his band, playing Christmas carols.

Once Mickey’s marching band had moved on, we all headed over to Autopia.  Wednesday, my sister, and I took Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 on the mini cars while Scope and my mom waited on the sidelines, watching us motoring by.  Wednesday and Thing 1 drove themselves.

Thing 2 drove me around the track…. and she was SO SERIOUS about it!

Next, we ran over to California Adventure where we saw Phineas and Ferb.

And Santa was just hanging out, relaxing.  *snicker*

Scope and I then left Wednesday with my mom and sister for a few hours because we had something very important to do.  You know there’s only one thing—ONE THING—that could possibly tear us away from Disneyland….  and that, of course, is our fabulous friend, JJ!        

JJ invited us over for dinner at her house.  So, we borrowed my brother’s girlfriend’s car for the evening and we made our way over to JJ’s.  We met her mom, we pigged out on uber-yummy Chinese food, but most importantly, we spent some good quality time with JJ.  I love her.  There, I said it.  I love her humor, her spirit, her smile, her story, and everything about her.  She showed us her awesome scrapbook which was full of pictures of her as a little girl doing fundraising with March of Dimes with all sorts of celebrities.  JJ is famous, didn’t you know?!  :-)

After JJ-palooza—(during which there may have been boob-honking.  I’m just sayin’)—we went back to Disneyland to catch the fireworks show with the family.  We watched it from Tomorrowland again, only this time the fog rolled in as the fireworks started up, which made the whole show misty and hazy, but still beautiful nonetheless.

After the fireworks, we were beat.  The fog was heavy, cold, and clingy, so we decided to make it an early night and headed back to our hotel.

Up next?….  Wednesday answers the question ‘did you ever dance with Eeyore in the pale moonlight?’

© Coracabana


Scope said...

It was so empty, it was eerie. But nice to be able to get repeat rides turned around so quickly.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Thing 3 is SO stinkin' cute! Even if she was feeling a big anti-social. Don't we all feel that way sometimes? And I can understand that paper cutter lady remembering you girls. It's the red hair. ; )

Shana said...

What fun!! And your silhouettes are awesome!! i hope that is hanging on your wall in livingroom!!!!!

SkylersDad said...

Very cool silhouette!

Cora said...

Scope: I was utterly DELIGHTED it was empty. How did we luck out like that?

So Cal Gal: If it's because of the hair, I guess that's okay then.

Shana: The silhouettes are hanging in the entrance hall. :-)

Cora said...

Sky Dad: Whoopsie! Almost missed you! I like them too. Kind of unusual decorations, really.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Finally! I'm in! : D And let me just say...I love you (two) too! Everything you said about me? Well, right back atcha, sweetheart! I had SO much fun with you guys and Scope's problem-solving skills were amazing!