Thursday, April 22, 2010


[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

One year. One whole wonderful, magical, action-packed, freakishly-fast, marvelous year. Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the day Scope and I first met face-to-face.

Uh-huh. And it truly has been the BEST year of my entire life!! By far!! Hands down!!


So, how does one ring in their first anniversary? Well, if you’re Scope, Cora and Gwen, you kick it off with crepes and Harry Potter! Mm-hmm. A super yummy banana and blueberry crepe brunch cooked up by Gwen and shoveled down while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. (Yes, it was a very Harry Pottery weekend! Well spotted. Gwen and I brought the first four DVDs over to share with Scope who’d only ever seen HP6 all the way through before.)

After brunch, Scope and Gwen had a bloggidy powwow. Ohhhhh, yes. Scope taught Gwen how to compose a blog post, something she’s been quite curious about. Mm-hmm. Gwen got to be a guest blogger over on Scope-Tech and she did a faboo job of it too! *glowing with pride* Wanna see my baby’s bloggy debut?! Clicky HERE.

After blogging and noshing and Harry Pottering, the three of us hit the road for Scope’s friends’ house, where Gwen’s pen pal was eagerly awaiting her. (Yeah, Gwen already has a friend in Illinois, how cool is that, huh???? If you wanna catch up on how they first met, clicky HERE.)

We hung out for the evening, eating, talking, laughing, getting shot at with Nerf darts (where thar be kids, thar be Nerf!), and snuggling under blankets watching movies. Or parts of movies, I should say. All the BEST parts. Like *snicker* that diarrhea scene *chuckle* in Dumb and Dumber, which *hee hee hee* still slays me beyond all reason *ho ho ho* no matter how many times I see *ha ha ha ha ha* it--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA—*gasp*—HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH—*wiping tears*—HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Yeah. I’m a ten year old. And….?

{….to be continued….]

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Scope said...

I have never had a "one year anniversary" before. It feels real good.

It feels better that it is with you.

And the scratch on the DVD really did "Blindside" us, didn't it. But at least you got to watch "The Theismann" bit.

BeckEye said...

Ah, the Harry Potter anniversary. When everything is magical. :)

mo.stoneskin said...

Nothing beats shovelling crepes. I wholeheartedly approve.

Adlibby said...

Hi Cora love!
I've been away from the bloggy world for a pretty long time... in fact, I think I skipped out shortly after you met a certain someone in person for the first time. Can I just SCREAM from the hills how happy this makes me?!!! Congratulations! Yeah!!!! Wishing you all much love and happiness and mad crazy fun in Chicago!! (Hogwarts Forever!)

J.J. said...

The 2 times I lmao at a movie scene was Back to the Future when the baby brother (of Lea Thompson's character) is in his playpen and Michael J. says, "Get used to it" because (as an adult), the baby ends up in jail. What was so funny? He had the same name as my idiot brother and he was in jail (overnight for parking tickets) that same night.

The other time was during There's Something About Mary where the guy on crutches is trying to pick one of them up off the floor. I laughed soooooo hard because I'd done it that exact same way millions of times during my 17 year 'crutch career'.

Glad you had a great time! : )

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm so happy for you and Scope!
What a delicious and sweet way to celebrate your anniversary.
And Harry Potter is da bomb!

I have been a very bad blogger/commenter but now I will do better.

Have a great weekend!