Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday’s Treadmill Tracks…. yeah, this one hurt a bit, dammit!!!!

Welcome once again to Tuesday’s Treadmill Tracks. As usual, I put my iPod on shuffle yesterday and it served up a slew of songs for me while I was on my 5.75 mile walk. However, as UNusual, my earbuds started malfunctioning and were actually giving me zappy, little static electric shocks in my ear (WHAT THE--???? No-one told me earbuds could do THAT!!!! OUCH!!!!) so a big portion of the walk was not on the treadmill, but to and from Target so I could buy new, non-shocky earbuds. And, yes, because of Tuesday’s Treadmill Tracks, I still kept track of all the songs, even as I was being electrocuted! How’s that for devotion, people?

But anyway….

So, let’s have at it! (Just clicky the song titles to catch each song on Youtube if that’s your thing.) Enjoy!

1. Behind The Wheel - Depeche Mode

2. Binary Love – Blake Lewis

3. Cool – Gwen Stefani

4. Blue Sky Mine – Midnight Oil

5. Lovesong – The Cure

6. I Hear Motion – The Models

7. F**k You – Cee Lo Green

8. Hit – Sugarcubes

9. Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot (Shut up.)

10. The Reflex – Duran Duran

11. Comfort Eagle - Cake

12. Ebay – Weird Al

13. The Great American Melting Pot – Schoolhouse Rock

14. Wind It Up – Gwen Stefani

15. It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork (Oooooooh, I love this one!)

16. Hey, Headmaster – Pet Shop Boys (This song always reminds me of Dumbledore. *sniffle*)

17. Stay Up Late – Talking Heads

18. Permanent – David Cook (*sniffle* again.)

19. Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys

20. Forget You – Cee Lo Green (Ha! Both versions of this song in the same walk. Nice.)

21. Holiday – Allison Iraheta

22. Something’s Always Wrong – Toad The Wet Sprocket

23. Josie And The Pussycats – TV Show Theme Song

24. One Of The Boys – Katy Perry

25. Pets – Porno For Pyros

26. Detective – No Doubt

27. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate

28. Harry Potter – Harry And The Potters

29. My Sharona – The Knack

30. Barbarella – The Bongos

31. Danke Schoen – Wayne Newton

© Coracabana


Heff said...

I've never had that problem, simply because my damned ear buds WON'T STAY IN MY EARS !!

Scope said...

Now, if the iPod would have tossed in "Shock The Monkey" I would start to wonder about it.