Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seeing red

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

Saturday, Scope, Gwen (my daughter), and I cuddled up together again on my couch to finish watching the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy which we’d started the night before.


Apparently, I’d forgotten how much of “At World’s End” I had—well—forgotten. There are some good parts, true, but overall, it pales pitifully in confusing comparison to the sheer, giggle-inducing awesomeness that is “Curse of the Black Pearl” that I never really watch Pirates 3. Ahh well. It doesn’t stop me from thirsting for Pirates 4 in any respect though!

Bring. It. On. Johnny.


After Pirates I made lunch.

Yes, lun—HEY!!!! STOP THAT!!!!





This time Scope did not opt to let me make him some scrambled eggs. Go figure. Instead he bravely ate a Boca Burger. And then he had seconds. And he liked it. Yes, really. And he did not go running for the bathroom in terrified, sweaty panic either.

So, see? I CAN TOO COOK.

Or microwave.


After our very yummy, delicious, nutritious, fresh, non-poisonous lunch we ventured off to All About Weddings to browse the wedding invitation samples.

Most of them were gaudy, I won’t lie.


Most of them brought to mind frightening visions of frilly, pastel-clad, cheek-pinching Grannies - or, worse, tantrum-throwing, perfection-mining, uber snooty Bridezillas.


But we did find one we really liked….

Yes. It’s red. Well spotted.

Now, I can’t say for sure this will end up being what our wedding invitations look like. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find something else we like even better. But right now this puppy is soooooooo the leader of the pack! :-)

For dinner, we met up with my mom and daughter at Olive Garden. I had the tilapia, which I absolutely recommend. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Then for dessert, the four of us went over to Cold Stone.

**For legal reasons, I had to delete a huge portion of this post, which is why some of the following comments now make no sense. Sorry about that.**

[....to be continued....]

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Scope said...

The door. I guess I'm supposed to cover mine with stamps and mail it to him so there's one on her room at his house?

If the door shows up, I will buy/rent a circular saw and router (Hey, tool people, I live in a condo. My need for power tools is very limited.) I will then cut out the section with Gwen's name on it, turn it into a plaque for her wall, ghetto cover the new "window" in the door with duct tape, and send it right back.

And if he shows at the wedding, he gets walked. If he won't walk, well, it is private property, and that would be trespassing.

And my favorite story he told was how some ancestor of his was supposed to be on the Titanic coming over to America to start a new life. The man was a professional logger. At age 14. So, in the meeting to discuss why you think it is tragic for Gwen, at age 13.5, to move halfway across the country in the age of jet travel and instant communication, you give an example of a 14 year old boarding an ocean liner 98 years ago.

Oh, and also how growing up in a big family helped make your grandmother mentally tough. So tough that she would be devastated not to be invited to her ex-granddaughter-in-law's wedding?

Anyway, my wordver is "RANTE". Go figure.

Lisa said...

yeah, sometime i'm gonna wanna hear the rest of door story... there has to be more right???

oooo... just read scopes comment... that's it?

your ex is ... um... idk if he ever reads this so maybe i shouldn't say...

strange fella?!

on a real note... i hope gwen gets to speak openly and honestly about what she wants and they shut her father, with all his enthralling stories, down like stomp on his face.

oops. did i just say that? my bad. ;-P

good luck cora. stay strong. i know it's going to be a lot of uphill before it's all said n done.


Jules said...

You both realize, of course, that you now have an army of bloggy friends who would be more than willing to serve as Homer Bouncers at the wedding!!

Char said...

That door story is very, very strange. I like Scope's response to it. I hope all goes smoother than it sounds like it is headed.
Good luck to you, Gwen and Scope.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the invites!!! :) We got married by a JoP, and are planning on renewing our vows on our 5yr anniversary...with a ceremony, dress, invites...the works...and I'm already stressin' it....I have 2 years...rofl...but my point is that I LOVE untraditional...the more askew to tradition, the better...well, with a lil taste... ;)

SkylersDad said...

I wish you all the luck in the world with Home. And if you need more than luck, well... I know people...

Anonymous said...

I rolled my eyes so much over Homer's idioticness that my contact got stuck up under my upper lid and then I had to try an extract it. ouch! That dam Homer! Ugh! I wish I knew how to contact Christopher. LOL!

Anonymous said...

PS love the invite, but you know you can make ones you really love and save the dough for something else!

Anonymous said...

Homer doesn't have a leg to stand on so why bother? Gwen has a say in this right? She's old enough to say where she lives and who with. Plus well...what kind of halfwit moron would give HIM custody of her over you? He hardly has a history of caring parent behind him. Won't happen. He's just trying to make life difficult for you because he's bitter and twisted. Try not to worry. You know you'll win.

How old does G. have to be before she has total control over where she spends every minute of her time?

mo.stoneskin said...

I don't understand why Scope turned down the egg offer, why would anyone do that?!?!

words...words...words... said...

Those invitations are fantastic. I love red and I love that typeface. I'm tired of every single wedding invitation being silver or black script on cream-colored paper.

Pirates 1: Awesome
Pirates 2: Sucky
Pirates 3: In between

So says me :)

I agree with Veggie about Homer. It sounds like he's just trying to put you guys through as much aggravation as he can before the inevitable happens. Just a storm to weather.