Thursday, March 25, 2010


And now for an update on my attempt at Project 365! Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken lately:

Day 227 (March 2, 2010)

I was sTrEsSeD oUt (!!!!!!!!!) and needed a break, sooo I took that splendiferous new camera I got from Scope to a park along the edge of Lake Washington just down the hill from my house, and drop-kicked my sTrEsS right into that lake by letting my snap-happy demon loose, and taking picture after picture after picture. *deep happy sigh*….

Day 232 (March 7)

Okay, so I know the almighty Wedding Fairies have strict orders to spit on my cake, bludgeon me with my bouquet, and/or shoot my garter belt at my rear like a fiercely-fancy rubber band if I dare break wedding protocol by showing you a picture of my wedding dress. But—eh—I figure a wee itty bitty teeny peek can’t really hurt. Much. R-r-right?….

Day 244 (March 19)

The morning dew on my lawn….

Day 247 (March 22)

Remember those Camera Toss experiments I’ve been toying with? Yeah? Well, I’m still at it, only this time I added another element to it inspired by an idea Scope sent me: overexposure. The camera was set on bulb and focused on some flowers which were backlit at a window, then I swooped the camera off to the side. The long exposure time turned the entire background white, while the movement of the camera created a kind of painted look to the flowers, and I just LOOOOOOOOVE it!….

Day 248 (March 23)

Ummm…. it’s a garden statue of a frog. Of course. *croak* ….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with that, I’m outta here! Scope is flying into town tonight (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!) so don’t expect to see much of me again until next week. Have a spectacular weekend, Blogaritaville!

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought that frog was real. And a little stoned. But he turned out just to be stone. Without the "d". Boo! :)

Some Guy said...

I always enjoy your picture posts. You guys have a great weekend!

Scope said...

Remember: "stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts"!

See you in about 16 hours!

mo.stoneskin said...

I love the photos, especially the "camera toss" one. And I'm sure that the wedding fairies won't mind that sneaky preview shot.

sas said...

the stoned frog is awesome.

SkylersDad said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and the pictures are great!

J.J. said...

Love the 'flower toss' pic and the lake scenes but is that all I get to see of the dress? ; )

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Soda and Candy said...

Great pics!