Wednesday, March 31, 2010

“These ARE the right envelopes, right?”

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

Scope and I decided Saturday was the day to get those all-important wedding invitations done and ready to mail. Sounds simple enough, right? Sure. Until we realized those invites we ordered came in pieces in nine separate boxes and we’d have to *gasp* assemble them ourselves.


We opened all the boxes; looked at the directions; armed ourselves with strips of super-sticky temperamental effers glue dots; and got to work.

See these ultra cool stripy red and black envelope liners?….

….Nice, huh? We had to attach them to the insides of the inner (not outer) envelopes with the strips of little leeches glue dots so that the inner (not outer) envelopes would look like this….

Aren’t those envelopes AWESOME???? :-)

It was a bit tricky at first and we sat around pelting those envelopes with our most stern, don’t-mess-with-me looks…. kinda like this….

But, eventually, we showed those unruly glue dots who was boss and found our rhythm! And, whaddaya know, soon we were cranking those envelopes out like a well-oiled machine! And it was actually kind of FUN too!!!!….

(Awwwwwwwww, I just LOVE this picture!! Scope looks so adorably HAPPY!! *swooooooooooooon*) :-)

Yup. We were feeling quite proud of ourselves. Yessiree. Until it suddenly dawned on me that it was a tad odd that the inner envelopes had adhesive flaps.


”Umm…. these ARE the right envelopes, right?” I squeaked…. and we stared down at them….


Turns out the answer was no. No, they were, in fact, NOT the freaking right envelopes. We’d put the liners on the OUTIES instead of the INNIES.

Dang it.

But, see, this is why when you’re buying wedding invitations, you buy extras. Luckily we hadn’t finished mutilating ALL our invites, so we hastily shoved our circus-freak envelopes aside and started all over again.

Oh well. No biggie. Soon we were back in rhythm, breezing our way through assembling the envelopes. Then we stuffed the envelopes (oh, shut up) and applied stamps and address labels, and suddenly *POOF* the whole thing was done!….

And it felt GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! But not as good as it felt when we actually dropped them in the mail box (squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)—but, sorry, you’re gonna have to wait for that part of the story. Heh heh heh.


[….to be continued….]

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NINA said...

They're beautiful!!! Oh, how I wish I could marry again...

Candy's daily Dandy said...'s all coming together isn't it??

Scope said...

Yes, we tag teamed and double teamed and assembly lined those invites like nobody's business.

I think the funniest bit was when it was all mostly done, and we looked lovingly into each others eyes and had the same thought, "If you think I'm going to lick these and dies like George's fiancée, you're nuts!" ;-)

Alex the Girl said...

Hey, Scope kind of looks like "Mr. Big" from Sex in the City now that he's shaved (well least in the second picture of him).

And by the way, a couple that glues stuff inside of an envelope together, glues stuff inside an envelope forever together.

Be careful. This could be a new episode of the Twillight Zone, but with out Jacob and Edward.


Happy Gluing!!!

Soda and Candy said...

Stupid bastard glue dots!!!

I am impressed with you being so crafty though!

Anonymous said...

haha should of called me do go thru a quick demo with you. remember all those years I worked at the paper tree in bellevue square? probably could have put me to work too. oh well... they turned out great. mine arrived yesterday.

Scope said...

Callista, don't think we didn't notice the lack of bridesmaids assisting! ;-)

And your name did come up. As a scrapbooker, I figured you would have some superdooper device for applying the glue dots real easylike.

But seriously, with using mailing labels shot out of the printer, it all went very smoothly.

J.J. said...

Ahh, another reason I'm glad my man and I aren't getting married. lol!

I worked as a secretary for 13 years and never want to lick another envelope (much less assemble them). : P