Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What warms my heart right up like a big ol’ cup of hot chocolate

[….and the Corascope Chronicles continue….]

Friday, while my poor, darling daughter was slaving away in school, Scope and got some much-needed wedding tasks done before venturing down the hill to Lake Washington to have lunch at Ivar’s.

*warm and happy sentimental glow*

Anyone remember why Ivar’s is special to Scope and me? Hmm?…. Anyone?…. Anyone?…. Because Ivar’s is where Scope and I had our first meal together the day we met.

*misty-eyed sniffle*

After lunch, we walked around a little, discussing all that’s happened to the two of us in the last year (WOWZA, for sure!!!!) and took pictures of a sign that Scope will have the pleasure of posting for you soon.

Then we picked Gwen up from school and the three of us made our way to Best Buy to take a look at some things we might like to have once we’ve all moved in together this summer. Things like a webcam and a Wii, for starters. Then we ran over to Cold Stone for some ice cream (or a smoothie, if you’re Scope) before having to drop the kiddo off with her dad for the weekend.

*sad sigh*

She didn’t want to go with her dad. AGAIN. There was all kinds of drama, but I'm legally not supposed to blog about any of that. Soo.... instead I will just tell you how much Scope and my daughter remind me of each other. A LOT. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes those two just so quirkily and awesomely similar ~ perhaps it’s their sense of humor; or their wisdom; or the way their eyes both twinkle with playfulness; or their patient tolerance of me….

Or maybe it’s the way they both ignore the shoe basket and line their shoes up in the dang doorway instead….


And don’t think that picture up there doesn’t warm my heart right up like a big ol’ cup of hot chocolate, because it absolutely does!!!!








[….to be continued….]

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mo.stoneskin said...

For a brief moment there I thought one the things you wanted was a WWII, as opposed to a WII.

Sheesh, I thought, damn teenagers.

SkylersDad said...

Does Las Vegas have an over/under on how much cash it would take to get this “chocolate like Sloth from the Goonies" video posted?

I must go and see...

Scope said...

Skydad - Shhhh... I'm trying to bribe the future daughter as we speak.

And no one else made the "embarassing video" "Pamela/Tommy Lee" joke yet? Egads!

Cora said...

Mo: Oh. Yeah. I guess it's spelled Wii, not WII. Much less confusing. Point noted.

SkyDad: It's not a video (THANK GOD) it's just an audio recording.

Scope: The sex pics will be posted tomorrow. *wink wink*

The rest of Blog World: Hellooooooooo?.... Anyone out there?.... *crickets*.... Where are you guys? Is it Ditch-the-Blog Day and no-one told me?? :-(

J.J. said...

Hey Cora, I wanna 'hear' the ex-hub story...you have my e-mail. ; )

And you all are gonna ROCK as a family!!!!!!!

NINA said...

Hi, Im back! Make sure to check out my new blog http://designsbynina.blogspot.com/

Fancy Schmancy said...

So very very happy for the new Scope family!