Friday, January 28, 2011

The Unlikely Ultimate Treadmill Soundtrack

I walk on my treadmill everyday. Or I try to walk on my treadmill everyday. Admittedly, some days the motivation just isn’t there. Poof!—it’s just gone. Like a bad dog that dug its way out under the freaking backyard fence.


On those days I go to the local park and walk around it looking for my lost motivation. (“Here Motivation, Motivation!”….) But even then, sometimes it just isn’t gelling. And that makes the walk seem to take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


And then there are days where I love walking on my treadmill; where the walk is easy, fun, and seems to take no time at all; where I’m so into it there is absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be; and where I honestly do not want to stop. Total polar opposite. Odd. And I think today I’ve finally figured out why….

My I-pod.

I put my I-pod on shuffle every time I walk, and that way (*attempting a Forrest Gump accent*) life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get (*end Forrest Gump accent*).

I have almost 1000 songs on my I-pod and I like not knowing which song I’m going to hear next. If I know what’s coming next I tend to get bored. And nothing assassinates a workout faster than boredom. Yet, sometimes, I don’t know, the songs don’t seem to shuffle right; they don’t mix well with each other; they just feel wrong and I get annoyed with them and start skipping them all.


I’ve had days where I skip like 50 songs in a row, and once I get in that mode, all 1000 songs are doomed—NONE of them will feel right; I’ll HATE them all! And in bitter disgust, my walk comes to a grinding halt.

So pitiful.

But the exact opposite thing happened today. All the songs were PERFECT. Each one was better than the next. And some of these songs weren’t even my favorites, yet they all seemed to be holding hands in a magic musical séance together to create this phenomenal energy in the room and, thus, it was a FABULOUS workout!

I walked over four miles and every single freaking step of it was blissful! :-)

*le sigh*

And now I’m going to confess my musical shame share the list of the 21 songs that made up my Blissful Treadmill Walk Soundtrack. Enjoy:

1. Holiday – Allison Iraheta
2. Hey Baby – No Doubt

3. Get Your Hands Off My Woman – The Darkness
4. Love or Torture – Blake Lewis
5. Come Back To Me – David Cook

6. Sit On My Face – Monty Python
7. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
8. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again – Jason Castro
9. One and One Make Five – Pet Shop Boys
10. Ur So Gay – Katy Perry

11. The Sweater – Meryn Cadell
12. Why Can’t I Be You? – The Cure
13. Oi To The World – No Doubt
14. Golden Blunders – The Posies
15. Whataya Want From Me? – Adam Lambert

16. Dancing Queen – ABBA
17. Friday I’ll Be Over You – Allison Iraheta

18. Headstrong – Ashley Tisdale**
19. Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend – Pet Shop Boys
20. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

21. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

**Oh, shut up!

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Amy of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

The "clean" version? All right, what did you do with the real Cora? :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

Hahaha! What Amy said! ; )

I have to listen to my I-pod one singer/group at a time. The bro put a crapload of country music on it...and I hate country music, so I'd rather not be unpleasantly surprised.

But I prefer hitting Random on my 100 cd changer. I'm a Classic Rock whore and everything there was chosen by moi. Every cd rocks (imo) and I like being surprised by songs I haven't heard lately.

Cora said...

Well obviously I have the dirty version on my Ipod! I just couldn't find that version of the song on youtube. :-P

Scope said...

"Dirty version" indeed.

SkylersDad said...

You have Monty Python on your iPod!?!?

Just when I thought I couldn't love you more!

Cora said...

@ SkyDad: I have Monty Python AND Weird Al. Oh yeah.