Friday, January 20, 2012

And so it begins…. (Again.)

I attempted Project 365 once a couple years ago, but I heartlessly abandoned it when life got too chaotic to care about taking a picture every day. This year I am trying it again—only differently.

I am adjusting the rules a little bit, making it more user-friendly. This time, if I screw it up and forget to take a picture for a day or two will the whole project be dead to me and ditched like a dirty diaper because it’s hopelessly ruined? Heck no! This time if life gets in the way and I forget to do a photo—*light bulb moment*—I’ll just take two the next day.

(I don’t know why I didn’t think of that last time—duh.)

(And, please, I’ve already had to bend the rules twice in the last 19 days, so I think I can say with confidence that making it user-friendly is a nifty plan.)



And, hey, it’s not like the Project 365 Fairies are going to go postal if I contort the rules a wee little bit, right? I mean, really, I’m pretty sure they have bigger things to worry about…. like the fact that there are 366 days this year, not 365. (D’oh!)

Anyway, here is what I have accomplished in this year’s Project 365 so far.

DAY 1 (2012-01-01) ~ Visiting Seattle for the holidays. I had forgotten how thick the moss is out there. The trees all looked like Oscar the Grouch!

DAY 2 (2012-01-02) ~ My friend Callista's uber-cute dog.

DAY 3 (2012-01-03) ~ I found this on a wall near the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Bizarre. I have no words.

DAY 4 (2012-01-04) ~ Okay. Fine. I cheated, okay? I forgot to take a picture on January 4 because I was busy with family stuff (Bad Cora! Bad!) So, I'm posting a second picture from January 3 to make up for it. It's the Gum Wall in Seattle.

DAY 5 (2012-01-05) ~ Taking a walk around Gene Coulon Park in Renton, WA.

DAY 6 (2012-01-06) ~ Again, call me a cheater. I was too busy to do a picture on Januray 6 (read: family stuff) so I'm posting a second picture from the 5th in its place. This was taken on my walk around Gene Coulon Park in Renton, WA.

DAY 7 (2012-01-07) ~ Flying home to Chicago. This was the view of Washington from above. Soooooooooo beautiful!

DAY 8 (2012-01-08) ~ A strange, wavy building in Chicago.

DAY 9 (2012-01-09) ~ The sunrise at Welles Park in Chicago.

DAY 10 (2012-01-10) ~ Mmmmmmmmm.

DAY 11 (2012-01-11) ~ My first bokeh attempt using Christmas tree lights. I'm not sure if it qualifies as good bokeh or not, but I kind of like it.

DAY 12 (2012-01-12) ~ Winter has FINALLY arrived in Chicago!

DAY 13 (2012-01-13) ~ A snowy day in the garden.

DAY 14 (2012-01-14) ~ Snow, snow, snow.

DAY 15 (2012-01-15) ~ Another bokeh attempt with Christmas tree lights.

DAY 16 (2012-01-16) ~ An adorable little birdhouse in the snow.

DAY 17 (2012-01-17) ~ My precious.

DAY 18 (2012-01-18) ~ Painting with an LED flashlight.

DAY 19 (2012-01-19) ~ What it looks like when you combine oil, water and food coloring all in one bowl. CooOOooOOool!

And that is what I have so far. Now that we are all caught up, I (hopefully!) will be posting my Project 365 pictures on a more regular basis in smaller posts. I will be using different cameras and trying different things. Some will be good, some won’t, but I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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Scope said...

Always looking forward to your next picture.

Ellie Mae said...

Nice! I really like Day 13; looks like a bull head silhouette in the snow and great crispness on the vegetation.

SkylersDad said...

Great pics, you really are talented!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Day 3 is just plain creepy. But Days 9 and 12 are gorgeous! Looking forward to future 365/6 posts!