Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A cuppa hot bokeh

Day 20 (2012-01-20) ~ Space: The final frontier! I wanted to try my hand again at yesterday's experiment with water, oil and food coloring. I love how this one turned out, all dark and Sci-Fi-looking!

Day 21 (2012-01-21) ~ How icicles form in the windy city.

Day 22 (2012-01-22) ~ I was out walking around the alleyways taking more pictures of icicles today when I noticed this tangle of barbed wire silhouetted against the cloudy white sky. What would you think this barbed wire mess is protecting, hmm?.... A bank?.... A gun shop?.... A jail?.... Nope. It's protecting a BAKERY, of all places! Ha!

Day 23 (2012-01-23) ~ This was a tricky attempt at the bokeh effect which didn't turn out quite as I was hoping for. I couldn't get the lighting on the cup quite the way I wanted it and I don't think I had the cup as far away from the string of lights in the background as I should have. I tried to adjust the poor lighting in Photo Shop, but still wasn't liking any of the results.... until I inverted the image. Wow! I actually gasped when I saw it like this! I still want to re-shoot the original setup in another location where I can better control the lighting, but until then this will do juuuuuuust fine. :-)

More will be served up sooooooooooon!

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Scope said...

I've always wondered why they needed so much barbed wire around their dumpsters.

Anonymous said...

Love the ice in Day 21. As for the cup, I think it looks fantastic, even if it didn't turn out as you'd expected.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Love all the pics but especially the icicle. I hope you didn't notice it while you were standing under it. ; )