Thursday, June 10, 2010


And now for an update on my increasingly pitiful attempt at Project 365.

Day 255 (March 30, 2010)

Scope keeps telling me he’s never seen a slug before and my Seattle-raised self simply can not compute a slugless existence. At. All. Whaaaaaaa—? I mean, slugs are EVERYWHERE 24/7, aren’t they? Like this one that tried to come in my front door when I took the garbage out….

Day 257 (April 1)

Here’s how we do breakfast on April Fools Day in my house. You’re welcome….

Day 269 (April 13)

Every Christmas my daughter and I make a gingerbread house (this year we got a little cheap ultra creative and made our gingerbread house out of Tootsie Rolls instead like a little log cabin) but once the Holidays are over we can’t stand the thought of just throwing it away, so we don’t. Nope. Instead, we take our gingerbread house into the woods and leave it there for the fairies to live in. Yes, really….

Day 270 (April 14)

Scope took me and Gwen to The Art Institute of Chicago, and of all the amazing art I saw that day, somehow this is still my favorite. Hee hee hee….

Day 279 (April 23)

Okay, so not only did a slug try to break into my house when I took the trash out, but another time I ventured out to the garbage can I accidently stumbled upon.... umm.... friendly worms. Ewwwwww….

Day 287 (May 1)

We picked up some star fruit. Mmmmm….

Day 320 (June 3)

We picked up some apricots and decided to rename them “butt fruit” for cheeky reasons. *snicker*….

Day 323 (June 6)

Okay, so I accidently had the zoom on the camera when I turned it on Scope and myself, but I think this uberclose-up is still charming in its own way….

Day 325 (June 8)

Some of the flowers in my backyard after I tweaked the picture’s colors in my photo editing playground….

[….to be continued….]

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Scope said...

Lord All-Mighty! Tose things try to invade your house? ***SHIVER***

Well, that's another nightmare you'll be escaping.

SkylersDad said...

I also lead a slugless existence before meeting my wife from Seattle. But she now knows the existence of Rattlesnakes, and I think she would prefer the slugs.

J.J. said...

After seeing those slugs and worms, I'll never complain about our lack of rain again.


LOVE the gingerbread house in that cool tree, the close-up, and the flowers.

Cora said...

Scope: They're not all bad. For example, they LOVE beer. If you put a cup of beer in your garden at night, they'll stop eating all your plants and will all crawl into the beer to have a big ol' party.... and then drown in it. Slug bait, be damned!.... Then again, if you put a cup of beer in your yard, you occassionally end up with drunk neighborhood cats too. (true story) A small price to pay.

SkyDad: Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh, I'd prefer the slugs too!!!!

JJ: Thank you! :-)