Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Can’t Handle The Truth: The Results Show

Yesterday, if you’ll recall, I was challenged by JJ in LA to tell you six weird truths and one bizarre lie about myself and to set YOU the tricky task of sniffing out the fib amongst the facts.

Just in case you missed it, here are the statements I gave you to decipher:

1. I once ate an entire Entenmann’s Chocolate Cake in a single day and it was gooOOooOOood.
2. I once ate an entire lemon as a snack and it was gooOOooOOood.

3. In a clothing store I once met the lame-tastic band SWV (raise your hand if you remember them...... no?...... that's what I thought) and accidentally ticked them off ‘cuz had no flippin’ idea who they were and *gasp* treated them like regular people.

4. I have an autographed picture of The Soup Nazi hanging in my kitchen.

5. I have a ladle autographed by The Soup Nazi hanging in my kitchen.

6. Over the weekend I got yelled at by a pregnant woman who is mad at me because I invited her to my wedding and she can’t find a dress big enough to fit her.
7. I once caught a snake in my backyard and wrapped it around my neck and made a boy run away from me screaming in terror.

Alrighty, so here’s the truth:

YES, I have both an autographed ladle and autographed picture of The Soup Nazi in my kitchen! :-)

YES, a preggo chick yelled at me because she can’t find a dress to wear to my wedding. *rolling my eyes* I utterly fail to see how this is my fault or my problem, do you?

YES, I once met SWV in a clothing store I worked in in college. I listen to good music, people, thus I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER who they were and I ended up offending them because I told them they had to wait a minute while I helped another customer who had asked me first. (Awwww, there there there, SWV, you poor, poor souls. Being treated like regular folk sucks, I know. Soooooo sad.) I only found out who they were after they left and the cashier I was working with said in awe, “ohmigawd, that was SWV!!!” and I said “….Ummmmm…. who?”

YES, I once caught a snake, wrapped it around my neck and made a boy go running out of my backyard while screaming his face off. I was about 10 years old and I loved (LOVED) snakes and lizards and creepy crawlies and used to catch them and keep them in buckets under our deck whenever I could get away with it, much to my mother’s disgust. Heh heh heh.

YES, I once ate a lemon. I peeled it and ate it like an orange. I used to crave lemons and eat them all the time in high school. No idea why. And, no, I never sweetened them with sugar first.

NO, I did NOT eat an entire Entenmann’s cake in one day. Please, people. Please. I ate it in two days, okay? And then I ran out and bought another one. Mwahahahahaha!!!! But eating it all in one day DOES sound like something I would totally do, so you’re all forgiven for assuming I actually did it!

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Scope said...

I found a place where she can shop online and get EXACTLY what she needs: Tacoma Tent & Awning. (

What? Your thinking sending her that link, to a hormonally raged prego, might not be a good idea?

Well, there's always the move that THIS GAL busted when she busted out of her prom dress.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... not so sure I believe you on this one. lol! ;)

SkylersDad said...

Bummer, I was so sure it was the lemon...

Anonymous said...

Well here I am a day late to the party. At least now I don't have to get it wrong. :)

BeckEye said...

I have an autographed pic of the Soup Nazi too! How random! Mine isn't hanging anywhere though, and it's more of a caricature of him now that I think about it. But it's a really good caricature, and it really is his signature. My brother got it for me at some nerd convention of some sort.

J.J. said...

I may have been wrong about the ladle but I feel vindicated about the lemon-eating. Go me! ; )

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I thought the lemon was the lie...

An entire Entenmman's (sp)cake?
For my widdle chocolate loving, Hershey kisses hoardin' Cora?

I thought for sure it would be a piece of cake.