Sunday, July 18, 2010

….And Now For An Intermission In Our Wedding Tale. Please Excuse The Pause. It Will Be Brief. And Pointless. (Duh)….

A few months ago I got an invitation to my 20 Year High School Reunion. After breaking out in hives and dry heaving at the most unfair realization that I’m old, I wiped the tears from my eyes and wrote “reunite w/geezers!” on the July 17th square of my Harry Potter wall calendar.

Shut up.

I started thinking about the past 20 years in between all the romping with Scope, wedding gown fittings, wedding cake taste testings, meetings with lawyers, packing up my home to move, driving my sick kid to various doctors’ appointments, and yada yada yada that’s been going on here lately. Or whenever I was bored in traffic. Whatever. And I started thinking about who I was 20 years ago.

Since I don’t have many pictures of myself from back then (and—bummeroo—the ones that I do have are already packed up ready for the move) (convenient, noooooo?) let me quickly spit shine and polish up my dusty, rusty art skillz (four years of art classes, baby!) and recreate the image of Cora ala Senior Year for you.

*folding arms*




Here you go:

(Yeah. It’s a stick figure. And?)

So, who was I 20 years ago? Hmm. Well, I was….

….a devout Depeche Mode fan
….an art class freak (see above)
….a bearer of big hair (see above and cut me some slack; it was 1990!)
….a hermit homebody
….so ghostly pale, they nicknamed me “Casper” (jerks)
….a prom-skipper
….longing to live in New York City
….a chronic letter writer
….unable to write in only one color
….Student of the Month (but my mom made me hide my award certificate and not tell anyone in case it made my sister feel bad!!)
….voted “Most Changed” in the yearbook
….voted “Best Butt” by the sophomore class boys (hubba hubba)
….a lover of Psychology
….obsessed with a boy who was obsessed with another girl who was obsessed with some other guy (so sad)
….dressed in black. Often.
….without a clue of what I wanted to do with my life

Wow. Deep. Ish.

I’ve also been thinking back on who I have been these past 20 years since I graduated high school. I have been….

….a Contempo Girl
….a Morrissey lover
….a Morrissey hater
….a Psychology student
….a Photography student
….a Creative Writing student
….a college dropout
….a mistreated wife
….silent when I should have been screaming
….a relieved divorcee
….a single mom
….a teacher
….a nanny
….a rabid, obsessed Harry Potter fan
….a medical miracle
….a death beater (not Death Eater!)
….a survivor
….stronger than I ever imagined I could be

Which brings me to now, 20 years later. And, without a doubt, I am….

….a great mom
….a blissful newlywed (*le sigh*)
….an eBay diva
….a blogger
….a giggler
….a fighter
….in better shape than I was 20 years ago :-)
….about to move to Chicago
….tired of waiting

Anyway, I went to my Ten Year Reunion ten years ago (duuuuuuh) and I loved the heck out of it. Getting to discover what had become of those people I’d once known was really quite the giggle fest. (Then again, what isn’t?) (*giggle*) However, as my 20 Year Reunion waltzed closer and closer, I just felt kind of eh about it.

Maybe it’s because of the wedding and the move and everything else that’s going on. Or maybe it’s because of Facebook, which has stripped the reunion of the mystery the last reunion had because, well, I see all my old high school friends on FB every stinkin’ day, and I already know what everyone is up to and I’ve already seen how much people have changed (or not) and, so, my nosiness has already been satisfied.

In any case, I decided not to go to my reunion tonight. Nope. And I’m
sooooooooo glad too.

Because I just found out the reunion was last night.


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J.J. said...

You've come a LONG way, baby! ; )

I went to my 10 year h.s. reunion and was bored out of my MIND! The only fun part was when the girl who'd been voted 'Best Body' Senior year came looking like Mama Cass.

I never went to another one. Although I hooked up with my 8th grade peeps last year (who are on FB now). Hadn't seen most of them in 30 years.

Vodka Mom said...

Let's have a reuinion for the "best butt" girls.

However, let's don't show each other what happened to those butts a billion years later.

Dutch donut girl said...

I want to see a picture of your butt.

Just kidding!
I think.

That stick figure is stinkin' cute. Just like you.

Scope said...

Do not be confused people:

1 - A group of sophomore boys would STILL vote her as having the best butt.

2 - If there was anyway I could have gone to this thing, I would have drug her kicking and screaming to it just so I could get up on stage and say, "Suckers!" to all the single / unhappiliy married guys out there for letting such a great lady slip away.


Oh, and I have made all my reunions, and enjoyed all of them. The last one we opened up to the class before and after us too (very small school) and had a great time.

Word ver = "pregi"?!?! What is your blog trying to tell me?!

Anonymous said...

you've come a long way Cora that much is so very TRUE!
how did the garage sale go?