Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goin’ To The Golf Course and We’re Gonna Get Married….

As I previously babbled here, the night before I married Scope I slept just fine.


It sounds like a steaming preposterous pile o’ poo, I know, and I’m sorry, but it’s true. Everyone told me brides panic the night before they get hitched, and that I’d be staring at my ceiling allllllllllllllllll niiiiiiiiiiiiiight lonnnnnggggggg, fretting, sweating and regretting what I was about to do. But no. I slept perfectly fine. I even had normal dreams.

Pffffft! I know. Go fig.


I woke up feeling happy, calm, and not the least bit nervous. Not even a single butterfly. Not one. Of course, I kept expecting the nervousness to sniff me out sooner or later and then pounce and gut me like a fish. Why wouldn’t it? I mean, I was about to get married, okay?





WHAT THE--?!?!

*stunned stare*

Hadn’t I been viciously shoved off the edge of crossed this Bridal Bridge once before and ended up limping my sorry bruised self away down the cold, dark, lonely I’llNeverTrustMenAgain Lane in the wretched town of Jiltedville in the ugly State of Divorcia, vowing I’d never ever EVER cross that big old scary bridge again, hmm?

Damn straight.

Yet there I was, about to cross that bridge again and I didn’t feel the least bit nervous or frightened or unsure or anything. I just felt happy. Happy and blissfully alive! And that is how I felt the entire day. From start to end.

I’m a freak. Clearly.

And I don’t care.


As for how Scope’s and my wedding day played out—*blissful sigh*—it was truly yummy perfection with sprinkles and hot fudge on top! Nervousness? It didn’t exists. Glitches? There wasn’t a single one. Everything was lovely and I simply can’t imagine a better day. At. All.

We have—ohhhhhh—roughly a zillion pictures of the day’s events, and while I’m not going to show them all to you here, I will be posting a fair few. I doubt they’ll all squeeze into one post, so I’ll likely be splitting the tale up into a couple of posts. Or more. So, buckle up, kids! Here we go:

Gwen and I arrived at the Fairwood Golf & Country Club about four hours before the ceremony started, and along with Callista and several other generously helpful friends and relatives (including Scope’s sister and brother-in-law, my dad and step-mom, and Scope’s friend, Maribeth) we started setting up and decorating….

And, yes, I even ate lunch! Woot!….

But soon I was whisked away into hiding to transform from bagel-noshing, Skechers-wearing fiancée (see above) to beautifully-blushing, Skechers-wearing bride.

Yes. I wore Skechers at the wedding. White ones. In a Kids’ size 4. Which came in a box which says this….

Yep. My shoes were called “I’m Pretty Tall ~ shoes that make you taller!” Callista, Maribeth, Gwen, Rachel and I had a reeeaaalllllyyyyyy good laugh about that while getting ready….

Go ahead, laugh if you must. My feet never once hurt the entire wedding. Not even on the dance floor! :-)

Once we were all dressed (and wedding-oblivious golfers were booted from the private restroom lounge) our photographer, Rachel, got down to business, taking a plethora of pictures….

It’s funny, Callista warned me that the wedding would be a blur to me afterwards, and she must have been right, because I swear I have absolutely no memory of my dad being in the women's bathroom with me! When the heck did THAT happen????….

In a SNAP it was suddenly time for Scope and I to see each other and do family group pictures before the ceremony. I was led out onto the patio and was told to stand with my back to everyone so I wouldn’t see Scope emerge. Scope, as I was told, was going to be blindfolded while he was sequestered in the men’s room with his friend, Tony, and then led out behind me.

And, so, I waited.

Suddenly the crowd on the patio erupted into wild laughter and chatter about toilet paper…. Toilet paper?…. Huh?…. They blindfolded the groom with toilet paper?!


No, they did not….

People, please. Just please. You can NOT leave Scope to his own devices for an extended length of time and NOT expect shenanigans of some sort to blossom, okay? I thought this was common knowledge. That’s right, my darling groom tucked a tail of toilet paper into his drawers to slay the crowd. Because he’s five. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!! :-)


Thank God he was sequestered in the men's room, right? I shudder to think what he might have done with the tampons if he’s been kept in the ladies’ room….


But anyway….

Once Scope’s behind was toilet paper-free again, I got to turn around and we saw each other in our wedding clothes for the very first time. We clean up very nicely, I must say.

We stood for pictures with our families. Here we are with my parents….

Here is my brother-in-law, my sister (who ended up giving birth a mere seven days after!), my dad, me, Scope, my brother, and my mom….

Here we are with Scope’s parents….

Here is Scope’s brother-in-law, Scope’s sister, me, Scope, Scope’s mom, Scope’s dad, and Scope’s brother….

Aaaaaaand this one is my favorite! The three of us. Awwwwww….

And then it was time to hide me away again so guests could be seated for the ceremony to begin. But because I’m mean, I’m going to make you wait a bit for the rest of the story (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!) - hey, admit it, this post is waaaaayyyyyyy too long already.


[….to be continued….]

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Anonymous said...

Kaaaayoot dress indeed! Very delicate and lovely. And if someone said to me, pick a person who'd wear child's Skechers to her own wedding I don't know man. I'd have picked YOU. :)

Also, I love the photo of the three of you. And I want to know what the hell that colour of lipstick is Gwen's wearing as she and I have similar colouring and it looks GORGEOUS!

Happy married life peoples! Funky card thing is in the mail.

Soda and Candy said...

Those shoes are the business. Comfort is very important (she says, wincing from the 3.5" heel on the current shoes).

Anonymous said...

the shoes rocked! And were totally you!

the day went perfectly!

And the photo of you, Eric and Gwen turned out great! Happy family!

Rachel said...


J.J. said...

I love your color scheme! Very pretty and classic. Everyone looks great! But you think Scope is only 5? That's more of a 7 y.o.'s stunt. ; )

Haha! My wv is: upper - appropriate, I'd say.

Scope said...

I'm certain that they had me in that bathroom for at least 10 minutes. 10 minutes when all I wanted to do was see you? My mind is going to 500 mph.

And just to let everyone know, I had a pair of black Chuck Taylors out in the car, in case my feet started hurting. But the rental shoes felt fine, so I didn't need to change.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

No butterflies???

No second guessing just for the hell of it?

No worries?

I'm having what you had...

And you both are stunnig.I'm so happy for you both.

SkylersDad said...

As I have probably mentioned so many times before, I am so very happy for you two and wish I could have been there!

Dutch donut girl said...

Beautiful! Stunning dress, lovely pictures. Pretty bride, handsome groom. Happy faces. Perfect!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Congrats, Cora! The photos are great!! You are stunning!!

And the toilet paper? A classic! Way to go, Scope!

words...words...words... said...

It sounds like the perfect day! You guys give hope to everyone, seriously. You all look fantastic and Scope's white tie/white shirt look is cool as hell. Congratulations!