Monday, July 26, 2010

Honeymoon? Pfffft! After Ghirardelli Square, It Shall Henceforth Be Known As Our Chocolatemoon. So Says I.

The second day of our honeymoon chocolatemoon in San Francisco was insanely busy. Scope and I were all over the city, here and there and there and here, devouring as many of the sights (and Ghirardelli chocolates) as we could.


‘Scuse me.

At the end of the day I had a billion pictures on my cameras (yes, plural) documenting almost every move we made. ‘Cuz I’m Cora. And that’s what I do.

Now, obviously, I can’t show you ALL my pictures, but I can show you some of my favorites. Ready?…. ‘Kay:

We started off walking through Union Square, brandishing Scope’s ever-trusty map….

We posed with more heart-shaped sculptures….

….and stumbled upon some splendiferous Tim Burton-esque sculptures by Ugo Rondinone titled “Moonrise” (which celebrate the faces of the moon) on Mission Street….

This one is my favorite!….

After ogling the Moonrise sculptures for awhile, we made our way to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where we saw gems like this stunner, which made me realize I, too, could be an artist one day….

It’s like The Emperor’s New Clothes, but with paint, isn’t it? Seriously. It’s a white canvas. Nothing on it. Totally blank. And that dude was absorbing it like a freaking sponge!!!!


Just wow.

Then again, I much preferred the blank canvas to this atrocity….

Yep. It’s Michael. And Bubbles. And up close it was really quite creepy….



*backing away*

I think we only took in one floor of SFMOMA before we’d had enough and bailed. After Mikey there, who could dare blame us, right?!

We took a street car to The Cannery, where we had lunch at Las Margaritas….

The food was superb, but the women’s bathroom left something to be desired. Like toilet paper. And it was urgent, people!!

*undignified potty dance*

So, with Scope standing guard outside the door, I used the men’s room. And I have never peed as fast in my life. In fact, I may have broken the Guinness World Record for pee speed, but I can’t be certain because I was too busy peeing as fast as I could to time it properly.

After peeing and fleeing the men’s room, trying not to look guilty, Scope and I walked to Ghirardelli Square….

….where I drooled all over the chocolate displays….

….and, in addition to all the many, many deliciously free chocolates (YAY!!!!) the shop keepers kept handing us every time we set food in a store there, I had the best brownie sundae I’ve ever tasted….

And. I. Was. Happy….


Feeling a little guilty about our gluttonous adventures in Ghirardelli Square (and in a valiant quest to make sure our pants would still fit us the next day! *fingers crossed*) Scope and I then hiked up Hyde Street, which was such a STEEEEEEEEP hill, it was almost vertical. But I loved it. It’s unnatural and satanic, I know, I know, but I like walking up hills for some odd reason. It’s walking downhill that kills me.

Once we were done scaling Mt. Hyde Street, we found ourselves standing atop the famous Lombard Street, which is “The Crookedest Street in the World,” according to—well—everyone. I stood up on a big cement block to try to get a good picture of the street winding down the hill….

We walked down Lombard Street, faster than the cars were driving it, and as I stood at the bottom of it taking pictures, my legs were shaking so hard that my knees were actually knocking together! I told you that walking downhill kills me….

Once my legs felt like legs again, we walked to Washington Square Park to get a look at Saints Peter and Paul Church….

….and after that, we took a bus up to Coit Tower. Or, almost up to Coit Tower, I should say. We made the slight booboo of getting off the bus a few stops prematurely, which meant we had to hike the rest of the way up the hill to the tower….

We didn’t bother going up in the tower. The line was long and we’d had enough climbing for one day anyway. So, instead, we hung around outside taking pictures with the brand spanking new sparkly glorious telephoto lens Scope got me for my birthday (SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!)….

Then Scope and I waited at the bus stop for the bus to take us back down the hill….

….and while we waited, we happily entertained ourselves by quietly mocking various dudes who looks like ladies.

*snarky snicker*

Once down the hill, we walked our way through Chinatown….

….and frolicked with brass monkeys (those funky monkeys)….

And then we crashed in our hotel room, utterly exhausted. Scope took a nap, while I looked through the plethora of pictures I’d taken, and then had a phone call with my daughter who had been sentenced by court order to two weeks hard emotional labor in the company of someone she didn't want to be with and was NOT happy about it.




After calming my hysterically upset child down (and wrestling down my gargantuan guilt at living it up on vacation while my daughter was living in misery. *sniffle*), Scope and I walked over to Les Joulins Jazz Bistro for dinner….

I’m not sure what I had for dinner there. Possibly the kebabs. (????) I was so tired by this point that I have no idea what I even ate. I was in zombie mode. All I know for sure is that after dinner we were going to take a nighttime stroll around the block to get some good night shots with my camera, but it was sooooooooo cold and windy that my teeth were chattering.


So, instead we went back to the hotel to get some sleep. Only, sleep was evading me that night. I just wasn’t feeling quite right.

In fact, I was feeling quite…. wrong.


[….to be continued….]

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Scope said...

Feeling wrong? Was it the chocolate? No? Oh wait, I know the story. I was there.

Good thing we did all the heavy siteseeing on the first day. No sense saving any energy for the rest of the honeymoon!

Bee and Rose said...

You two are just adorable!

My daughter has an Irish dance competition up there in November...You made the city look so fun! Now we're definitely going to have to make extra time for sight-seeing! (especially if there's free chocolate all over the place!)

MJ and Bubbles...that made even my worst evil clown nightmare look like a happy dream....ugh....

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Nothing worse than mother's guilt.
I feel you.

I'm totally hungry now after this post and I'm craving Mexican.

SkylersDad said...

Great stuff, and I have hoofed up and down Lombard street many moons ago! San Fran is such a great town.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics!

J.J. said...

That sundae looks de-lish (banging head against wall)! And the pics are all great! I love seeing S.F. through someone else's eyes! : )