Thursday, July 29, 2010

An End and a Beginning

Friday was the last day in San Francisco for me and Scope. :-( We had a few short hours to play before taking our flight back to Seattle, so, of course, the first thing I wanted to do was have my picture taken with our awesome doorman….

We had an almost-free breakfast (thanks to $20 worth of vouchers we had saved up by opting out of maid service two days of our trip—score!) at Scala’s Bistro. The food was delicious, but the wait staff kinda creeped me out. They were waaayyyyyy too formal and tended to walk around together in groups of three, almost as if the waiter had bodyguards.


After breakfast, we walked to The Embarcadero to snap a few (or like 50) pictures. These are my favorites….

Then we had to go check out of our hotel and get ourselves back to the Oakland Airport to fly back home…. or my home, I guess…. but not really my home since I’m moving to Chicago soon *fingers crossed*, and my stuff is all half packed and whatnot….


So, basically, we flew back to some place that used to be home, but doesn’t feel like home now and looks like a bomb hit it and where there are no pictures on the walls anymore and boxes are piled precariously everywhere.

Totally depressing.

*sad sigh*

I ended up in tears that night, sitting in my dining room. I just bawled my face off. I’d sooooooooooooo rather be back in San Francisco, just playing, y’know? Packing up my entire life can really SUCK. But oh well….

Saturday, Scope and I went to the hospital because my sister had her baby that morning. It’s a girl! I can’t tell you her name, but I can tell you she’s named after two trees. Yes, two.

(No, not Willow Sequoia. Don’t be silly!)

(No, not Maple Nut either. C’mon, knock it off!)


Scope was the first one to get to hold the baby, besides her parents….


And here is the baby with her very delighted and proud big brother….

Next, the big sister (who WAS the baby until now) got to hold her….

….and she seemed to be having some second thoughts on this whole big sister business….

(Hee hee hee.)

And here I am with the baby….

….and, of course, always the class act, not only was I having an atrociously bad hair day, but I had a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction as well and I had to leave the hospital in disgrace a few minutes after this photo was taken because one of the straps on my dress broke with a big ol’ *SNAP!* which sounded (and felt) just like someone had shot me a rubber band!


Then, most unfortunately, Sunday arrived and I was forced to take my husband to the airport and send him back to Chicago.



*curling into a ball on the floor*

That’s right. I can’t move to Chicago yet. Nope. I have to stay here in WA for awhile longer, sorting things out and waiting for the legal a-okay to move my baby out of the state.

I know.

Sucky, huh? But it's temporary. Just temporary....

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Scope said...

Yes her first name isn't very popular, but is oddly very poplar.


And they aren't roadblocks. They are at best speedbumps. And we aren't gonna slow down for them. They may make the ride bouncy, but not really slow us down. And we will face them TOGETHER. And I mean TOGETHER, very soon.

So what if you have to make a September trip back out there?
- I was out there in July.
- You and Gwen will move here in August.
- You fly back out in September & October.
- We all probably fly out in November and December.

We are just keeping on our regular montly flight schedule!

It's going to be okay. And VERY SOON!

Bee and Rose said...

{{sending you loads of hugs}}

I love what Scope says...they're just speedbumps....Wrap yourself in his loving words and know that "this too shall pass" will be together before you know it:)

Anonymous said...

Listen to Scope, he's a wise man! :::Hugs:::

The Vegetable Assassin said...

The important part's over - you guys are hitched, so screw the rest of it. Nothing can stop you, it's just an annoying detour.

That photo of the Bay Bridge is making me homesick for my own Forth Bridge. They look so similar.

And your niece's expression about her baby sister was pretty similar to mine when I got a baby sister too. I was disgusted she wasn't born 2 years old so she could play with me. What was I to do with a little rubber, bawly mess like that? Pffft!

Good luck with everything ahead. It'll soon all be worth it.

J.J. said...

Just think about how sweet the outcome will be because you had these hurdles to overcome.

I know, because of all the crap I've been through these last 10 months, that a good day is to be appreciated, instead of just 'gotten through'.

SkylersDad said...

It wont be long now, and it will all work out well for you!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Sorry to hear about the suckfest! :( Thanks to you, I'll be trying to figure out tree baby's name for days. I even googled tree names. I hope it's not something like Bladdernut Crabapple. That doesn't really flow. Now Bladdernut Crape Myrtle might work...hmmm...

Shana said...

Yeah, that Scope guy is one smart dude

kel said...

I haven't visited your blog in a few months and I come back and you're married! holy cow! congrats!

Maggie May said...

you are adorable AND funny :)

Cora said...

Okaaaaaayyyyyyy, Pedro, you psychotic chucklehead. I'm deleting your spammy rambling buffoonery right..... NOW.



Sorry, clown. Go spam someone else.

(And PS, I used to be one of those teachers you just insulted. And I cared very, very much for those children. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. So, here's an idea for you to chew on: FUCK OFF!)

words...words...words... said...

Congrats on little Ginkgo Eucalyptus! :)