Thursday, October 7, 2010

And Now For An Actual Conversation With My 13 Year Old Daughter

[Yeah, I know I already told this tale over on Facebook, but it still slays me, so I figure it’s worth repeating here. :-) ]

I was walking my daughter, Gwen, to school the other morning when off in the distance I saw a white stone figure in a neighbor's yard and I thought it was a Halloween skeleton. Cool! I pointed it out to Gwen, but as we got closer I realized it wasn't a skeleton after all.

"Oh, wait, never mind—it’s just Jesus," I said.

Maybe I need new glasses or something, I dunno, because it turned out it wasn’t Jesus either….


It was a donkey.

And Gwen said, "Mom! Did you just call Jesus an ASS?!"


Christ. I doubt I'll be living this down any time soon.

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MaDdy!!! said...

ha ha did u get that mixed up?!!

Scope said...

In her defense, there are vines growing out of the donkey's basket, so until you get relatively close, all you can really see are the forelegs and head.

And it's plain gray cement, not painted.

I think she meant the donkey's name was "Jesus". Right honey? :-)

Cora said...

Its name is Jesus NOW.

Gwen reminds me so every time we walk by. *sigh*

And, really, from a distance it totally looks like a tall, slender human figure with all that vegetation concealing it. It's only when you're right up close that you see the ass for what it truly is.

Kinda like my ex-husband.

Anonymous said...


SkylersDad said...

The Donkey's name was Jesus, but pronounced Hey-Zues...

LegalMist said...

So glad you repeated this here, for those of us not on Facebook!

The story plus comments have me laughing to tears this morning- just what I needed today! :)

And Scope... what a sweetie, always ready to defend his one true love. Awwwww.... you guys really are a good pair!

Vivienne said...

LOL well, via the comments, at least now we know how the donkey was mistaken for Jesus. hehehe :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

I can see where you'd think it was Jesus because, for God's sake, "why would someone put a donkey in their yard???"

Char said...

Too funny, just the laugh I need to forget about me. I do believe I will be visiting again- thank you!

Stacie's Madness said...

this is hysterical.

Angela said...