Friday, June 8, 2012

Alrighty, we are WAY behind on these things. So, let’s do some catching up. Ready? Set? Go!

Aaaaaaaand now for another update on this year’s Project 365….

Day 113 (2012-04-22) ~ I spent the day moving all the contents of a storage unit due to a rodent infestation. Ugh. At the end of the day, I suddenly realized that the only pictures I had taken all day were a couple of gross snapshots of a dead mouse and its poo as proof for the storage unit's owner. (SooOOooOOoo nasty!) Of course, there's NO WAY that I'm posting those here or anywhere else, so I had Wednesday quickly paint a picture for me with a flashlight in the dark. (Thank you, Kiddo!)

Day 114 (2012-04-23) ~ Just a quick shot of a plant on our window sill.

Day 115 (2012-04-24) ~ The kiddo had the day off of school this day and wanted to play a game with me. We unearthed my old 80's Pac-Man board game.... and I got my butt kicked.

Day 116 (2012-04-25) ~ I have small feet. I wear a women's 6.5, but I can also fit a kids' 4.5 perfectly fine as well. More often than not, I prefer the shoes from the kids aisle though (as long as they don't have Hannah Montana on them!) because they are half the price of adult shoes and sooooooooooo much more comfortable. (Ladies, if you have small feet too, try the kids' shoes on. I'm not kidding. Once you do though, you'll inevitably come to the conclusion that the shoe industry hates women. Kids' shoes are like pillows on your feet. I can't understand why they won't put the same comfort priority into women's shoes. Hello?!) Anyway.... The fact that I buy shoes from the kids' aisle routinely cracks my daughter and my husband up. My hubby suggested that my dorky kids' shoe boxes would make a great picture of the day, and I think he's right—especially my "I'm Pretty Tall" Skechers (which I bought for my wedding!) :-)

Day 117 (2012-04-26) ~ While waiting to pick up Wednesday, I noticed this tiny little plant growing at my feet. I wish I had thought to put something beside it for size-reference. It was only about as tall as a penny!

Day 118 (2012-04-27) ~ Me, myself and iPod. Just a quick selfie reflected in the shiny new doorknob on our gate as I was heading out for the afternoon.

Day 119 (2012-04-28) ~ We went out of town for the weekend to El Paso, Illinois for a 40th wedding anniversary party. This cute little pond was just around the back of the party venue and was just BEGGING me to snap a picture of it.

Day 120 (2012-04-29) ~ Okay, okay, not the best picture in the world, I know, but it's all I have for the day. On our way home from El Paso, we stopped to fill up the car and I tried to get a shot across the freeway and some trees of a water tower in the process of being built a mile or two away. That's not something you see everyday, right? Sure, it would have been much more impressive if we had been closer, but this was the best I could do.

So, now we are 30-something% of the way through this project. Woot! More to come soon!

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Anonymous said... did I miss the Pac-Man board game?!

Anonymous said...

(hit publish too early, sorry).

I mean, I spent 1/3 of my life in the 80's and I've never seen that before. Granted it was the first 1/3rdm but still...

So. Cal. Gal said...

I actually love the last picture because we don't have water towers out here. When I see one, I always think, "I hope no one lives within falling distance of that thing." lol!

Cora said...

Joshua: That PacMan board game was (and IS) awesome!

So Cal Gal: I like it too because I never stopped to wonder how they built them before. Kind of cool!