Monday, June 11, 2012

I had no idea butterfly faces looked like THAT! Did you?

Aaaaaaaand now for another update on this year’s Project 365….

Day 121 (2012-04-30) ~ I found the old plastic flowers I used to have on my bike's basket when I was a kid. I can't even believe these made the move to Chicago! I don't remember packing them or anything, but I'm glad I did. It was kind of fun stumbling upon them. If I ever get another bike, I'm soooooooo going to put a basket on the front and stick my 1970's plastic flowers on it! :-)

Day 122 (2012-05-01) ~ The 6th doll in my Strawberry Shortcake series. I loved, loved, LOVED Orange Blossom when I was a kid because she had some seriously kick*ss orange shoes AND a pet butterfly named Marmalade. Lucky!!

Day 123 (2012-05-02) ~ Awhile back I did a shot of some lilacs that I pass by daily which smell sooOOooOOoo incredible. Well, on this day the lilacs were covered in butterflies. They were skittish things and were frustratingly difficult to get decent pictures of because they just didn't seem to trust me whatsoever. And then there was this one. Whoa.This butterfly decided to amuse me for a moment and let me get REALLY close to him.... only now I'm a little sorry I did! I used to think butterflies were beautiful, but now?.... Holy moly! I had no idea butterflies has faces like THAT, did you?

Day 124 (2012-05-03) ~ This particular night a HUGE storm passed over us, bringing thunder, lightning, marble-sized hail, and sheets of rain. This is what it looked like from our balcony: rain was pouring down and hail stones were pinging sideways off of the streetlight.

Day 125 (2012-05-04) ~ A shortcake in the making (part 3). Our strawberry plants suddenly had several little green berries bulging on them.

Day 126 (2012-05-05) ~ Goodbye Norma Jean. For nearly a year, Chicago was home to Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn, a gorgeous statue standing 26 feet tall, had been grinning along Michigan Avenue. This shot was taken a day or two before she was dismantled and left The Windy City for Palm Springs. Wednesday, Scope, and I went downtown to say goodbye to Marilyn and, about 30 seconds after I took this picture, there was a huge BANG! Three cars crashed in the street right in front of her. I'm so not kidding. Clearly, the girl has still got it!

Day 127 (2012-05-06) ~ It's not the most creative or well executed picture, I know, but it's the best I've got for the day. This one is just a quick snapshot of my hubby, Scope, at the movie theater. We went to see the Pirate movie by the Wallace and Gromit people (which was hilarious, by the way!) and in the lobby we found this MASSIVE Dark Shadows display with a built-in chair. It only seemed fitting to take turns posing with it. Hee hee hee.

And that puts us at about 34% finished with this project. We’ll do some more catching up on it tomorrow too.

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So. Cal. Gal said...

Re: your butterfly pic - I once had a squirrel in Colorado pose for me for a good 10 minutes. And I still like butterflies. Black bees, on the other hand? : P

Cora said...

So Cal Gal: Bees of any color are icky!!