Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Revenge of the nerds

Aaaaaaaand now for another update on this year’s Project 365….

Day 128 (2012-05-07) ~ Just an experiment with food coloring in water. I figured it had been awhile since I did one of these. (That's one of the glasses from my wedding. Awwww.)

Day 129 (2012-05-08) ~ Anybody remember those red loudspeakers with the word "BONG" scrawled across them which Depeche Mode used to have all over their record covers in the 80's? (What a great advertising ploy. I loved those!) This picture kind of reminds me of them in a way. It's a shot of one of our kitchen lights.

Day 130 (2012-05-09) ~ Revenge of the Nerds! Looks like someone had a food fight on the stairs. What a sad, SAD waste of perfectly good candy.

Day 131 (2012-05-10) ~ Just a quick shot of some irises I found outside a local elementary school playground. Holy moly, what a precarious place for flowers to dwell. I honestly can't believe they haven't been stomped to death by hundreds of tiny feet!

Day 132 (2012-05-11) ~ Out for a walk with my kiddo, we stumbled upon this beautiful flowering Clematis, climbing its way up a tree trunk. I thought a little focal color would be a fun twist on this image.

Day 133 (2012-05-12) ~ On the train home from work, Scope saw some graffiti he thought would make a great Picture Of The Day. However, when we went back to look for it, we couldn't find it. All was not lost though because, while we were hunting around under the "L" train track, we found this garage we would never have seen otherwise. Someone has painted a spectacular picture of a sleeping girl across the doors. Sooooooo cool!

Day 134 (2012-05-13) ~ For Mother's Day, Scope and Wednesday got me a brand new point and shoot camera because my old one is literally falling apart and hauling my huge DSLR around in my purse can be a bit ridiculous. My new Cyber Shot has all sorts of fun features to play around with, so we and I went out for a long walk so I could try the different settings out. My favorite (so far!) was the Partial Color setting. Wowza!

Day 135 (2012-05-14) ~ A shortcake in the making (part 4). Taa-daa! Our first strawberry of the summer! Of course, we couldn't make a shortcake out of it because it is an early bloomer and all the other berries are still little and green. But still, we shared it at dinner and it was sweet and delicious! Mmmmmmmmm.

Day 136 (2012-05-15) ~ Ha! So, Wednesday found a typo on our box of Triscuits and I thought that would make a mighty fine picture of the day. Mimimum! *snicker*

Day 137 (2012-05-16) ~ Whoopsie! There was a car crash on the street right below our balcony. Luckily, everyone was alright.... although, the drivers needed to wait almost two hours for the police to arrive because NATO was in town and the cops are busy with that.

Day 138 (2012-05-17) ~ While waiting outside of a local high school, a girl and a couple of her friends suddenly unrolled a banner on the pathway so she could ask a boy to prom. It was sooooooooooo cute! Awww. It's not the best picture of the moment because I was trying to be sneaky about it and didn't want to spoil the moment at all by making them nervous that some strange lady was taking their picture! As for the boy, he said yes. :-)

Day 139 (2012-05-18) ~ Just playing around again with the partial color feature on my new camera. This time I set it to blue, obviously.

Day 140 (2012-05-19) ~ A macro shot of my water cup and it’s straw.

Mm-kay. That puts us at about 36% of the way through the project so far!

© Coracabana


Anonymous said...

I really, really like that first one.

HA! "Mimimum."

Dr Zibbs said...

Ahh the beautiful Iris.

And why do you copyright all of your pics? Maybe I should do that. Even though I steal most.

Heff said...

Well, 36% done, at a mimimum....

So. Cal. Gal said...

The irises and roses are gorgeous! I always wanted to do a partial color pic but I'm not that good on Photoshop.

And 2 hours for the cops? We call them and they're here practically before we hang up. Of course, them being only a mile away helps. lol!

Cora said...

Joshua: Thanks! And mimimum still makes me snicker too.

Zibbs: Eh, well, I know of at least twice that my own pics were used from my blog without my permission, so I figured maybe a copyright would make folks rethink that. Look but don't touch, people.

Heff: Mimimum. Hee hee hee.

So Cal Gal: I use PicMonkey more than I use Photoshop. And I bet the cops would have shown up sooner if it had been more than just a fender bender. Actually, I was surprised they even bothered calling the cops over that.