Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail….

Aaaaaaaand now for another update on this year’s Project 365….

Day 95 (2012-04-04) ~ I went around the neighborhood taking pictures of tulips. I especially loved this pink and white one which looked so delicate. But then during processing, I threw an infrared filter onto it just to see what would happen and my jaw hit the floor. That little delicate flower suddenly looked so powerful and weapon-like! One bad_ss flower!

Day 96 (2012-04-05)
~ I've done quite a lot of spring floral photos lately, but it would be a shame not to while the blossoms are still around, right? Just to shake things up, I put a painting filter on this one which I think makes it look really cool.

Day 97 (2012-04-06)
~ More blossoms. Oy. I know, I know.

Day 98 (2012-04-07)
~ Okay, so, this is me, Wednesday and Scope on Easter morning. Duh. This is kind of a cheater picture because I took it on the 8th, not the 7th. However, I cheated for a good reason! You see, the picture I was going to post from the 7th, which was a GORGEOUS painting my kiddo is working on, she asked me not to post because she's not done with it yet. I don't ever want to step on her artsy toes, so I promised I wouldn't post it online. (No word yet on what she will say if she finds out I posted a picture of her in bunny ears though.... *wink*)

Day 99 (2012-04-08)
~ After our Easter extravaganza (which was sooOOooOOoo much fun!), Scope, Wednesday and I went for a long walk along the North Shore Channel Trail in Chicago. All along the trail there are quirky statues, figures and works of art. Between all of that AND the Easter party, I ended up taking over 200 photos that day and I have had a REALLY hard time narrowing it down to just one picture to post! *whimper* So, let’s just go with this one.

Day 100 (2012-04-09)
~ I have been slacking on my workouts lately (A LOT) and I am.... umm.... dissatisfied with how my summery clothes are fitting. Or NOT fitting, as the case may be. *sniffle* So, enough is enough. I am getting back in the game for real now, starting with my beloved iPod, which has been uploaded with a slew of new songs to keep me entertained while strut around, shrinking my derriere!

I can’t believe we are already at Day 100, can you?! Dang. We are about 27% of the way through the project so far. More on the way soon, swearsies!

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Scope said...

Easter was a great day. I really enjoyed our walk in the park.

And your derriere looks perfect to me. Fabulously, wonderfully perfect.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I can never get enough of your little family and the cool things you do. You, of course are great but so are the other two who make up your trio. Listen to the song 'You Two' from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Anonymous said...

Love the tulip pic. Also, in the Day 99 pic, is Scope on the left, or the one with the Santa hat?

Cora said...

Scope: That walk was awesome. Can't wait for part 2! :-)

Cora said...

Cal: You're so sweet! Can you believe I've never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all the way through before? I know! I'll go youtube that song ASAP.

Cora said...

Joshua: Wocka wocka wocka!